Monday running update

20140625-122436-44676505Last Week:

  • Monday – walk at work, 4 mile run


AM walk


after work on the rail trail

  • Tuesday – walk at work, rest, tennis, mall walk with my BFF

AM walk

  • Wednesday – walk at work, 4 3 mile run


before work


AM walk

  • Thursday – 2 walks at workhair appt


AM walk


PM walk

  • Friday-  walk at work (rain), 4 3 mile run, mah jongg
even on the track

on the track after the rain stopped

  • Saturday – tennis party on Schroon River, walking




  • Sunday  6 5 mile run, more tennis on the river

just a perfect run, wish I had time for more but tennis was calling me…

This Week:

  • Monday – 2 walks at work, rest
  • Tuesday – 3 mile run before work, walk at work, rest, tennis
  • Wednesday – walk at work, 3 mile run, yoga
  • Thursday – DAY OFF – trip to the US Open
  • Friday- walk at work, 3 mile run, mah jongg
  • Saturday – 7 mile run
  • Sunday –  boating (Xmas on the lake party)

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?



4 thoughts on “Monday running update

  1. Great week for you! Well done! Things are going. It’s been so absurdly hot out there that I have found it to be almost unsafe to be out there. Today, the thermometer dropped almost 20 degrees and I totally took advantage of it!

    There is a local 5K on Monday that I am looking at. I am kind of half and half on it, so I will make my decision a little closer to the big day.


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