Santa Claus is coming to Lake George

It’s the Annual Christmas in August on Log Bay party. Hundreds of boats tied together, a live band, lots of food, drink and fun!

It is always the most awesome day on the lake of the summer:

2010 – brrr!

2011 – hot!

2012 – just perfect!

2013 – cloudy but it didn’t rain

2014 – maybe we’re due but the forecast is for rain!! Oh no!

Fingers crossed that I get some boating and RUNNING in this weekend.

Happy Running! What do you have planned for the weekend?




6 thoughts on “Santa Claus is coming to Lake George

  1. So fun! My grandparents always used to vacation up in Lake George, and I’m kind of sad I never got to see it before I moved south.

    Hope the weather stays clear for you!

    We are having our patio renovated, going to a birthday party, and little man and I are running some races on Monday. We haven’t had a good home weekend in a while, so it’s time.


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