Running, Boating, Running, Boating

Yup, that was how I spent my Labor Day weekend.

The weather wasn’t perfect but I’ll take it.  It beats winter!

On Saturday, which was a nice day, I stayed home until dinner, doing housework, errands and then joined the hubby at the marina for dinner.

On Sunday morning, I had an awesome run in that 90% humidity.

Well, awesome because I was running along Lake George. Instead of my usual run around the Sagamore hotel are, I decided to run south on 9N.

It is rolling hills (the reverse direction of my the Adirondack Distance Run) and I walked whenever I felt I needed to.


looking south


not a sunny day but the ducks don’t care


cool old house, now a gift shop

I turned and ran around the cemetery before heading back to the marina.



old school house, now a store

I completed a total of 4.5 miles. I would have liked to do more but everyone was waiting at the marina to head out on the lake.

It was the annual Christmas in Log Bay party but it was looking like rain.

And it drizzled all day but none of the predicted hard rain and thunderstorms materialized. Lucky us!


there are usually hundreds of boats


my hubby pulled folks around using his dinghy


our friend on his kayak


now that’s a big float, later on, they had 15 people squeezed on it


Santa & Mrs Claus handing out candy to the boaters

Yes, the live band still played and everyone had fun despite the lousy weather.

By evening, it had cleared up.  We went out for pizza and then had birthday cake while watching the fireworks. (This was a weekend of unhealthy eating!!!)


I got up early the next morning, Labor Day.  I usually don’t run two days in a row but it was going to be a picture perfect day and I couldn’t resist. It was warm and very foggy over the water.


I decided to run on 9N again but this time going north.


Again, there was a lot of walking involved. I’m ok with that.


Eventually I turned into a housing complex and continued my run…now going downhill.


I ran all the way until it ended at the water.


And then I had to go back.  I could barely walk up the hill.  But I knew as soon as I got to the main road, I would be running downhill.


beautiful blue sky away from the lake.

I made a quick detour over the Sagamore bridge.


I finally arrived back at the marina to a clearing sky.


After another 4.5 miles completed, we headed out on our boat.

We decided to dock at one of our favorite spots.


this was my view from the site on Log Bay island

Then some friends stopped by to visit.


Finally, we rode around for a while, stopping at another of our favorite sites.


the view from Red Rock Bay island

The sun was going down and time to call it a day (and have our post-weekend ice cream.)

Labor Day weekend always makes me sad.  It feels like the end of summer.

Happy Running! Do you feel the same about Labor Day weekend?



4 thoughts on “Running, Boating, Running, Boating

  1. i was upstate for Labor Day too, but in the Albany area — your time in LG looks beautiful! love the Sagamore, and that Christmas boating party is hilarious. glad you got some great hilly runs in, too. looks like a fab wknd all around!


  2. Not only the end of summer, but the coming of winter! Fall may be pretty, but the raking is not fun – and always seems to fall at the height of my race training.

    Looks like you had a goid way to say goodbye to summer, but you’ve still got a month of boating to go!


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