Tuesdays on the Run: Breaking through a mental wall in training

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Breaking Through a Mental Wall in Training

If you train for a long race, you will hit no doubt hit a wall at some point in your training.

Here’s my advice:

  • Have a plan and stick to it.

my typical half marathon training plan

I always use a plan. I am not strict about my mileage during the week but I am for the long runs.  It gets me through the training.  Sometimes, I have to split up my run such as running a 5K and then add extra miles.  Sometimes I am so busy that I even split up my runs over two days.  But I make sure I get them done.  Training doesn’t seem so daunting that way and I know that by doing ALL my long runs I will be able to finish the race.

  • Do not let bad runs get you down.

Bad runs happen.  I think I have more bad ones than good ones.  You don’t accomplish anything by dwelling on them.  So many things influence your run – time of day, weather, health, what you ate, injuries, etc. So you just move on and remember:

  • Accept that running is not easy.

I always think that it should get easier and I should be faster by now.  But guess what?  Running is hard!

  • Vary your route.

running near the Schroon River

I usually run on the bike trails for my long runs.  Even though they are nice, they get boring. This past weekend I ran on a new route and it was energizing. The new scenery took my mind off the miles.

  • Find a running partner(s).

Heidi & Adrienne, my partners in crime

I usually run alone. I find it easier to fit running into my schedule that way. I could find runners to do long runs on the weekends but most are much faster than I am.  When I was training for the Love Run in March, I did several of my long runs with the ladies in the photo above.  They were training for their first half.  Because they are faster and don’t walk during their runs, it helped me a lot and running with someone else made the miles less painful.

  • Sign up for a short race.

winning my age group at the Strawberry Fest 5K

When my long runs or training isn’t going well, I run a short race.  I am one of those runners who runs better and  faster in a race.  Races for me are a big motivator.  It restores my confidence.

  • Focus on the prize

yes, I earned a medal!

Think about the medal that you will receive when you cross the finish line and how proud you will feel no matter what your time is.

Happy Running!  How do you break through a mental wall in training?



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