Two crossed off the Bucket List

Back in March, I created a Racing Bucket List of 13 items.  I had done 7 out of 13 at the time. Since then…

#13 – Run a popular race – I ran the Love Run half marathon which had almost 10,000 runners.

and I just signed up for this Half Marathon in Florida!!!

Jan 17, 2015

#8 – Running along the ocean

Yes, I finally decided on a race to keep myself motivated to run through the cold weather.

I chose this race because you run along the ocean and because I have 5 friends who spend the winter in this area.

weat palm

#10 – Running in Central Park, NYC...

Ok, it was not a race but I do plan to do that someday…I would love to do the NYC Half (but it is a lottery) or the NYC Mini 10K.

Yesterday, I had the day off.  My NYC travel friends & I had planned to take the MegaBus to NYC.  However, one friend was busy and the other was away on vacation.

Since the weather was predicted to be beautiful, I had decided to go it alone.

Of course, my plan was to RUN IN CENTRAL PARK!!!

Then at the last minute, one of my friends, Eileen, was able to go.  I hate to say this but I was disappointed.

I told her that I wanted to run in the park and she said that it was ok with her.

Then I said that I wanted to run for an hour and then meet her.  She said “I didn’t know you were going to run for a whole hour!”

Actually I wanted to run for more than an hour.  The weather was absolutely perfect…sunny and warm but not too hot and no humidity. But it was obvious that I would need to compromise.

So we took a subway to the 86th street entrance of Central Park which was near the  Jackie Onassis Reservoir.  There is a running track that goes around the reservoir.


I told Eileen to walk around the track once and I would run around twice and then we would spend the rest of the day walking and visiting the sites in the park together.

The run was awesome.  I loved every minute of it.


I took my time the first lap and veered off the track several times.


The 2nd time around, I ran without stopping because I felt guilty making Eileen wait.

I definitely plan to come back here (alone or with another runner) to run sometime in the future.

(More about this wonderful day in the park in a later post.)

Happy Running! What places are on your running bucket list? Have you ever run in Central Park? 



15 thoughts on “Two crossed off the Bucket List

  1. I’ve only done it a few times, but I love running in Central Park! You sure had a beautiful day for it, too. I’m curious . . . you must have changed afterwards – where? I’d be very happy to go to NYC & run with you. 🙂


    • I changed in a bathroom in CP…there are many nnice ones. I had lanned to check my backpack in Macys but my friends agreed to carry it since she wasn’t running.

      I would love to run in CP with you someday!!! 🙂


  2. Good job whittling away on your bucket list, Darlene. I’ve been wanting to run the Keywest, FL Half in January, but not sure it will happen this January. I’ll just add it to my bucket list.


  3. a running bucket list is such a great idea. love that you are so thrilled about running in CP! i sadly haven’t run there in ages, as i run early before work and just jet right out to the west side highway near my apt. this is inspiring me to get back to running in CP on the wknds, once i can run comfortably again. i did the NYC Half this past year and it was a truly magical experience! let me know if you’re coming down here again!


    • I really want to do the NYC half but it’s a lottery so I don’t know if I’ll get in. I am coming to NY on Sunday with 9 friends to see Kinky Boots and have lunch at Cafe Un Deux Trois. And then again on Oct 25 for a college reunion lunch @ Jules Bistrot 🙂 Yes, I stil love anything French. Hope to see you sometime in NYC.


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