Run for the Roc 5k race recap

I’ve never run this race before.  I signed up because it was a new race for me and it was on Sunday (I had to work & had a party on Saturday).  It also took place in Saratoga where I wanted to run in the park there afterward. And I love the race track.


this past August

When I was a teacher and off for the summer, I used to go to the races often.  Now I just go once for breakfast.


As you can see from the map above, the race is run around the race track. It should be pretty flat.

Unfortunately, it was very warm especially for this time of year and the race started at 11 am.

It was sunny and in the 70s. Very warm for this time of year!!

I knew that this would be a crowded race and the kids race and team photo ops would be first so I planned to arrive early. I got there about an hour early, found parking in a big lot and picked up my race packet.


I had forgotten that you could personalize your bib.  JA is my running buddy. You also got a long sleeve lime green tech shirt. It was nice that they had (many) real bathrooms, massages and a bag check. So I checked my shirt, walked around and watched the kids race.


finish line for the kids race

It was getting warmer so I tried to drink more water and stay in the shade.

(While I was waiting, my hubby called saying he and my friends were waiting for me on an island in Lake George.  I guess he forgot that the race started so late and of course said “Can’t you just skip it?”  You know what my response was and he agreed to come get me at the marina in a few hours.)


pre-race photo

Then we had to line up.  There were signs for paces and I stood with the 8-9 min milers.  I think there were about 800 runners.


you can see me on the right

The course was very winding.  So I tried to run the tangents but if you did, you were in the sun.

As usual, I went out fast.  It was warm and I found it hard to breathe but I willed myself to not stop until at least the halfway point.  I even skipped the water.

Eventually, I did stop and walk for a while. I hated to do it but when I do, I get a second wind.

I tried not to look at my Garmin but when I did glance at it around mile 2, I got PR thoughts in my brain.

But again during the last mile, I felt the need to walk AGAIN!  I knew I couldn’t finish strong unless I did.

I figured my PR hopes were over and tried to just finish without puking.

As I approached the finish line, I saw 26:XX. I was shocked but couldn’t muster up enough energy to break 27 minutes.


I am coming …


a little closer

Needless to say, I was happy.

I wasn’t very hungry unfortunately because the post-race refreshments were great – the usual bars, yogurt, bananas, apples but also CHOCOLATE MILK, string cheese, homemade PUMPKIN muffins and hot dogs, etc.

I had 2 chocolate milks and took a muffin to go.

I checked the results and saw that I won 2nd in my age group…engraved rocks (run for ROC, get it?)

roc 5k

there were a lot of fast runners in this race.

I took a photo of the award but didn’t stay because they said they would mail it to me.


Obviously, since my hubby was patiently waiting for me, I couldn’t go to the park and finish my long run 😦 That will have to wait until next weekend.

My race goals were almost the same as all my other 5Ks:

  • run each mile under 10 min. YES! even mile 1 under 9 min!!!!
  • run the whole thing.  NO! but I had a PR!!!!!!!!!!
  • win a AG award.  YES! 2nd.
  • have fun & stay healthy. YES!

Race Splits:

mile 1 – 8:46
mile 2  – 9:05 (walk #1)
mile 3 –  9:05 (walk #2)
.1 – .7:19

27:09 according to my Garmin and officially 27:11 – a PR by 19 seconds!!!!  My last 5K PR was set 4 years ago.

Even though I had positive splits (as usual), I had a faster time than 2 weeks ago when I ran without stopping!?

My day ended as wonderfully as it began.  My hubby picked me up at the marina and we spent the afternoon with friends.


They had a “Low country boil.”


fish, shrimp, clams, corn, chicken, suadage, etc.

We listened to music, danced and played a trivia game.


visitor to the island

After they left, we hung around for a while and I went to a run/walk on the trail…I think I covered about 2 miles.


trees are still green here

Then it was time to head back home 😦


Hopefully this won’t be our last time on the Lake for the season (2 more weekends left.)

Happy Running! How was your weekend?  Any running or racing to report?



8 thoughts on “Run for the Roc 5k race recap

  1. Go Darlene!! Awesome time!! Low Country boil is pretty much a staple in our neck of the woods. We also call it Beaufort Stew. Ours is made with shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. Delish! Come to think of it, my daughter is coming in from Colorado this weekend and I believe low country boil will be on the menu. Thanks for the idea.


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