Running in Central Park = Heaven

I wrote a little about this day last week but it was so awesome that I think it serves a full post.

Last Friday, I had the day off and had planned to take the MegaBus to NYC with 2 friends. When they both said that they were busy, and  the weather was predicted to be beautiful, I had decided to go it alone.

My plan was to RUN IN CENTRAL PARK!!!

Unfortunately at the last minute, one of my friends, Eileen, was able to go.  I warned her that I wanted to run in the park. But I don’t think she seriously thought I would run there for very long.

Actually I wanted to run most of the day.  The weather was absolutely perfect…sunny and warm but not too hot and no humidity. But it was obvious that I would need to compromise.

If I were alone, I had planned to check my backpack (with a change of clothes) at Macys and then get them at the end of the day. Eileen, however, volunteered to hold my bag while I ran.  (I don’t think she thought/hoped that I would run for very long.)

So we took a subway from E28th/7th Ave to the W86th street entrance of Central Park which was near the  Jackie Onassis Reservoir.  I knew that there was a running track there that goes around the reservoir.


before my run

I told Eileen to walk around the track once and I would run around twice and then we would spend the rest of the day walking and visiting the sites in the park together.


Eileen, before she agreed to carry my bag

The run was awesome.  I loved every minute of it.


I took my time during the first lap, snapped pics and veered off the track several times.


view from the start



half way

At one point, they were repairing the track so there was a detour to run on the Bridal Path. This was just as nice…got to see the tennis courts and other pretty views.


on the bridal path

The 2nd time around, I ran without stopping because I felt guilty making Eileen wait. (I bumped into her on my second loop. She had only gone halfway and turned around claiming that the load she was carrying held her back.)

When I was done with the 2 laps, I no way wanted to stop running…but I did.

On the bus ride, I read about a walking plan where you visited the sites of the middle of the park – Great Lawn, Delcourt Theatre, Turtle Pond, Belvedere Castle,  Bethesda Terrace… so we decided to do this.


the Great Lawn

They were rehearsing for the big Jay Z, Carrie Underwood concert happening the next day.


in front of the Delacourt Theatre

I changed my clothes in the restroom near the theatre and then we went to Belvedere castle


 in front of the castle

We climbed to the top to see the view.


turtles in Turtle Pond

turtles in Turtle Pond

We walked and walked trying to find a place to eat.  The Boathouse had a 1 1/2 hour wait so we contiuued on.


boaters on the Lake (near the Boat House restaurant)

There are so many cool paths to walk/run on.

in the Ramble

in the Ramble

Eventually we found Le Pain Quotidien, a cute French cafe, and had a great lunch.


lentil soup, mushroom/spinach quiche, coffee, lemon, chocolate mini tarts (the gelato was bought later)

After lunch, we continued walking in the park.


fountain in front of Bethesda Terrace


under Bethesda Terrace

We decided to not take the subway back but to walk to the end of the park …


taking a rest


near Sheep’s Meadow


by the Pond

and then continue down Fifth Avenue to get to the bus.

So we zigzaged through Central Park from 86th to 59th and then walked to 34th. How many miles is that?

Our one stop was to get a snack in Macys…delicious gelato.  Then we walked 7 LONG blocks to catch the Megabus.

A long day but totally worth it.

I definitely plan to come back here (alone or with another runner) to run sometime in the future.

Happy Running! Have you ever run in Central Park? Anyone want to join me next time?



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