Day at a duathlon and then a farm

Today was a REST day! No running!

This was my third year watching AJH competing in this Duathlon.


The first year, it was raining and I had a stress fracture in my foot. It was not so much fun.


But last year, it was much more enjoyable. It took place near Krause’s restaurant on the Mohawk Towpath Byway and I was able to get in a run during the bike portion of the race.

This is where I ran a few weeks ago. I love this area.

However, this year, they changed the location of the race.

It started at Riverview Orchards.  I had never been there so I was excited to explore a new running route (even though I ran a 10K yesterday.)


However, it was so COLD, windy and nasty that I decided to forego the run and just watch.


waiting to begin

The runners started with a 2 mile run on a fast, flat section out Riverview and Droms Road and then back to the transition area.


here she comes finishing the first 2 mile run

Then the bikers left the transition area and traveled 1 1/2 miles southeast on Riverview Road.  They rode two 7 mile loops of rolling terrain including Sugar Hill Road, a mile on Grooms, south on Vischer Ferry Road and west on Riverview Road and returned to the transition area with 17 miles completed (set within the historic context of the Erie Canal and against the backdrop of colorful fall foliage.)


heading out on the bike

As I mentioned…it was COLD.  I took advantage of the race being at the orchard and stayed inside the store while Andrea was racing.

I had some hot cider and watched them make cider donuts.


finishing the bike portion of the race

The bike route was very hilly and the riders had to finish uphill riding INTO the wind.  I was so impressed with how AJH did as well as the others.

The race ended with the same running route as it started. So after that hilly ride, they had to run again!!


almost done with run #2



As soon as Andrea was done, the sun came out briefly and then it started to rain.  I was glad that Andrea did well enough to stay dry.


She won 1st in her age group and the grand prize in the raffle.

As soon as the awards were over,  I took off so I could pick up Amanda and the kids for our annual outing to Ellms Family Farm.


The day included all the usual fun stuff: Jumping Pillow, MooMooChooChoo, Chicken Show, Spider Web, animal feed area, hay ride, kiddie mazes, zip lines, pedal carts, barnyard mazes, Bean Bag Toss and more!


60 ft slide – their favorite



Of course, we had cider donuts and picked pumpkins.

Unfortunately, it was COLD and windy…at least I was very cold. We had fun but not as much as we would have had if the weather had been nicer.

It was along day and I had to rush home to make chili for our annual chili cook-off at work.


guess what kind?

Happy Running! How did you spend your Sunday? Resting or Running? 






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