My Big Fall Race

10-26-14 in NJ

October 26, 2014

I have been excited about this race since last March. I ran the Love Run Half Marathon by CGI racing and it was very well organized.  So I assumed that this would be a great race, as well and I signed up.

This flat (and fast) course winds you along the waterside, through the shaded woods to thousands of cheering spectators waiting at the boathouse. From rock bands to acapella groups you’ll enjoy every minute (okay maybe not every minute) of the course. Oh did we mention the “Bow Tie” Guys, handsome, bow tied men who lead you out and cheer you home.

bow ties

I also like the 10 mile distance.  It is long so you have to train for it but just when you are ready to be done (the last 3.1 miles), you really are.

I coordinated it with a visit to a college friend, Andrea, who lives in NJ…

Andrea is on the left.

and bunch of friends with whom we spent our junior year abroad in Nice, France (41 years ago!!) . We plan to have lunch together in NYC the day before the race.


here we are together 3 years ago

That meant that I had to pay extra to be able to pick up my race packet on race day.

I also have plans for a visit to a boating friend’s for on the way down or back (most likely on the way back.)


Dorothy is on my left (I am in green)

I originally thought that my college friend lived closer to the race than she did.  Since the race starts at 8am and I want to be there by 7am, I will have to leave by 5:00am and get up at 4:00am (OUCH!) This is a big race with over 5000 runners and they recommend 45 min to get into the parking lot.

Oh, the things we runners do!!

The weather…


It looks like at this point it will be in the 50’s and windy.

I am still not sure what to wear. I am leaning toward a short sleeve shirt with a throw away shirt or DIY arm warmers.  And of course, my usual skirt and compression socks and cap.


As I have mentioned in a previous post, all my 5k races have made it difficult to adequately train to run 10 miles.

But I will do my best.

Supposedly it is a flat course (Don’t they always say that?)


So here are my goals:

A. PR – beat 1:44:39
B. Beat my first 10 miler – 1:49:55
C. Finish under 2 hours
D. Have fun and finish healthy

Ready or not…bring it on!

Happy Running! Have you ever run a 10 mile race?






10 thoughts on “My Big Fall Race

  1. I have never done a 10 miler and this one looks great. Love the medal. (And WHY do they always say flat??) Will it be cold? I have left home as early as 3:30 to get to a half. I perform so much better if I can sleep in my own bed…even if only for a few hours. All those 5ks will pay off too!


  2. Never done a 10 mile race.

    I might do a post on everything I packed clothes wise! Same sort of weather, later start, but I would probably freeze without a jacket at the start.

    We shall see.


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