Let the training begin…

Jan 17, 2015

So I have signed up for my 10th Half Marathon!!! Pretty exciting!


Now I have to make sure that I run no matter what the weather is like.

This is a plan that I have used for my previous half marathons.  I’m pretty flexible with my weekday runs.  I just try to get the long runs done on the weekend.

One big difference for this year is that I just did a 10 mile race and I have a 9.3 mile (15K) race coming up so my long runs are ahead of schedule. I will probably just keep up the 6-8 mile long run and try to get more comfortable with the distance before I increase.

I also play tennis on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. So I may do some long runs on Saturdays and run 3-4 miles on Mondays.

As I said…I am very flexible with my training.

Maybe  this time, I’ll even try to do some speed workouts… (probably not!)

I have only signed up for 2 races (so far) — The Turkey Trot 10k on Nov. 27 and the Last Run 5K on Dec 6.  I may also do a 5k on Nov 29 and a free 15k on Dec 14.

My work is closed from Dec 20-Jan 4 which is great.  That way I can be flexible with my longest runs.

Let’s hope for a warm, dry winter.

Can’t wait! Running along the ocean is on my bucket list!!

 Happy Running! How do you train for a half marathon?



3 thoughts on “Let the training begin…

  1. That is so exciting! (My favorite!) I typically run 5 days a week. At least one day is devoted to speed (two if I’m doing a 5k) and of course I always run long on Sunday. I know you will do awesome. Can’t wait to read about your training.


  2. Good luck!!! You seem to know how to manage training and the flexibility running a half can provide with training (versus running a full). I’m trying to figure out how train in the winter in cold weather (live in NY) and maybe run a half somewhere warmer sometime between Feb-Apr!


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