How to avoid blisters?

not mine but this is where I get them

I have gotten blisters after 5 miles during my last two long races. And it sucks!


Saratoga Half Marathon – July 2014

I am wearing my RunningSkirts compression socks and Brooks Adrenaline shoes.


Perfect 10 Miler – Oct 2014

I am wearing ProCompression socks and New Balance running shoes.

So different shoes, different socks but the SAME blisters.

However, I did not get blisters during the two long races before that.


Adirondack Distance Run – June 2014

I am wearing RunningSkirts socks and the same shoes as during the Perfect 10 Miler. But NO BLISTERS!


Love Run – March 2014

I am wearing ProCompression socks and the same shoes as during the Saratoga Half Marathon but NO BLISTERS!

So the same shoes, same socks and NO BLISTERS!

I am thinking that maybe my shoes are fine only when they are new or that I need new insoles.

I do have 2 new pairs of Mizuno Wave Riders (which I got to test for FREE). I have been wearing them for training and short races.  I LOVE the Wave Rider 18s but they are neutral not stability shoes and I am nervous about them having enough support for a long race.


my Wave Rider 18s at a 5K


Wave Rider 17s 

I need to find a solution before my next Half Marathon in January.

I wore my Wave Rider 18s during my 8 mile long run last Saturday and I didn’t get any blisters.


I think I am going to wear my Wave Rider 17s for my 15K race on Nov 9 and use something like this:

Happy Running! Have you gotten blisters?  What do you do to prevent them?




6 thoughts on “How to avoid blisters?

  1. I don’t normally suffer with that particular pain, but I’ve heard toe socks & spraying with deodorant or using Vaseline can help.

    I stopped wearing compression socks & moved to compression sleeves because I got really bad callouses with the socks – I think I just need more cushioning than a compression sock has.

    I love neutral shoes; they work well for me, but I’m not YOU. I actually really lime minimalist shoes, too, but I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m better off using them only for shorter runs.

    But we’re really all so different when it comes to shoes so I can’t really give advice there!


  2. Socks are individual too! The only time I got a blister was during a half. I was wearing the EXACT socks I’d always worn for a half…only this pair was newer. I thought I’d give my old ones a rest. I had quarter sized blisters on the balls of my feet. Same make, model, and brand of sock! You couldn’t look at them and tell any difference. Go figure.


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