A Defining Moment

As I train for my TENTH half marathon, I started to think about how my running has changed and when?

For several years, I ran 1-1 1/2 miles several times a week and then ran a 5K on the weekend.  I didn’t own a Garmin but instead used a chip attached to my shoe that tracked my mileage to a Nike+ app on my iPod.  It wasn’t accurate but I didn’t know it at  the time and it didn’t matter.  My goal in running was to break 30 minutes in a 5K and I was happy when I did.  Being in my late 50s, I was faster than most in my age group so I was content.  I didn’t like the cold weather so I didn’t run during the winter months and started back up in the spring each year. I wore shorts, cotton tops and never heard of compression socks.



Then came my Defining Moment on October 24, 2010. I was scheduled to run my FIRST 10K.  I was nervous and almost changed my mind to run the 5K.

But I got a migraine and couldn’t run it. In fact, I wound up in the ER with blood pressure of  197/109. They & I feared that it would lead to a stroke.  They did all kinds of tests and all were negative but it was very scary.  At the time, I still played tennis a lot but  as I lay in the hospital, I worried that I would be an invalid and that I could no longer run.

The next day, I signed up for my FIRST HALF MARATHON!  I decided to stop being a wimp and go for it.  Life is short  and no one knows what the future will bring. So I decided to go from running 3.1 miles to 13.1 miles. Just like that.

I didn’t tell anyone.  My friends would have thought I was nuts and I also thought that I may not be successful.

So I bought compression socks, a running skirt and a Garmin watch. And I did long runs on the weekends to train.

Half in Naples, Florida

my first Half in Naples, Florida (1/16/11 – my wedding anniversary)

My First Half Marathon was great — the best day ever. And I haven’t looked back since.

10k - 1:00:52 - PR





10 miles

I have run 4 milers, 5 milers, 10 milers, 10Ks, 15Ks and 8 more half marathons.

I’m not sure if October 24, 2010 didn’t happen, I would have signed up for that first Half marathon????

I continue to run 5Ks and I love them but because of adding longer runs, I think my 5K times are faster. (I recently had a PR.)

Happy Running! Has your running changed?  Have you had a “defining moment”?



4 thoughts on “A Defining Moment

  1. It is amazing what circumstances take us down different paths. I’m glad you did not have a serious problem. The first race I ever signed up for was a half, after feeling I just needed something to strive for. The 5ks came later. But, my defining moment was at my 5th half. I came across the finish line (crying like a baby) with a 9 minute PR from a half just 7 weeks prior. Holy Moly. I CAN do this! It felt like such an accomplishment.


  2. this def resonates with me, and my defining moment was running my first half marathon in October 2011 for sure. it gave me the confidence boost and “runner’s high” that i really needed to believe in my ability to run long distances, and totally instilled the love of long races in me as well.


  3. When I first started running I didn’t know what compression was either. And I was running in cotton shirts and socks. I mean c’mon really? Boy have things changed. Glad to have gotten a Garmin as well since I also had that Nike plus too and it was always off.


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