A Cold Solo Run

Yesterday was week 9 of my Troy Turkey Trot Challenge Group.  It was the first Saturday that I haven’t been either racing, away or working.  So I could go….

But I bailed!

I went to bed late Friday night and work up to windy temps in the 20s.

I love the group and enjoy running with them but I wimped out and waited until it warmed up to the 30s and drove to the Nisky Bike Path.

It was cold and windy but the sun made it feel warmer than it was.  I shed a layer before I started and only wore a jacket and shirt with tights, a hat and gloves.  I was fine and even warm at times.


This is one of my favorite places to run ever since I discovered  that it continues beyond Lock 7 and to Blatnik Hill.


not many people out today

After 2 miles or so, you run on a trail to get to the rest of the bike path.


With all the leaves gone, you have better views of the Mohawk River from the trails and the path.


Once you are on the next section of the bike path, there are several trails that you can take that go along the river.


I found that with the rain & snow we had recently, the trails were a little slippery.


I was careful to not have a repeat of the ankle debacle of December 29, 2011.



I ran/walked along 2 of the trails and then continued on to Blatnik Hill.


I ran up it most of the way and then down and continued until the path ended.

The worst part of this run was that I was starved.  My stomach was growling.  I had a gu before I started and then had to have one at mile 3.  Unfortunately, I had nothing left to eat.  The last of my 8 miles was my fastest because I couldn’t wait to get to my car.  A bagel, protein bar & chocolate milk awaited me.

Of course, I had to stop at Target where I can never get out of the store without spending $200,

All in all, it was an enjoyable run.

I know I should have gone to my training group run and I know it would have been fun running with the other runners.

Next Saturday is the last one…maybe I can motivate myself to go….

Happy Running!  Do you do your long runs solo and with a group?  Which do you prefer?




5 thoughts on “A Cold Solo Run

    • We definitely have to meet sometime either at the bike trail or The Crossings. Even if you are running less, I can start with you or end with you.


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