Drills and Hills…Are they worth it?

20140414-162048.jpg  IMG_3788
My weekday runs used to consist of running before, during or after work.  The distance was whatever I had time for and the speed depended on how tired I was.


It seemed to work for me.  When I wasn’t injured or recovering from an injury, I was fast enough and once I hit 60, I usually won an age group award in a race.

Then at the end of September, I joined a running group – the Troy Turkey Trot Challenge.

And once a week, our 10K coach had us run “Intervals.”  The intervals varied…sometimes one minute, sometimes 2 minutes and even 4 minutes.  Each interval was run at race pace with the last one being the fastest and each interval was followed by a recovery slow jog or fast walk.

To make matters worse, we had to run up hills.


At first, I really struggled and walked up part of every hill.  I did get a little better and then we switched locations where the hills were longer and steeper.

And yes, I still hate them but I accept them.

So the question is…have interval and hill drills helped me?


Run for the Roc – 5K PR – 27:11 PR

10K - 58:28

Great Pumpkin Challenge – 10K PR – 58:28

10 miler -  1:38:45

10 Mile PR – 1:38:45


Stockade-athon – 15K PR – 1:33:23


Since I have not been injured all year and have been running consistently, these PRs may have happened anyway.  But me (and my coach) like to think that the drills have made a difference.

Will I do drills on my own?  Probably not. But I have discovered the benefit of joining a training group or having a coach.

Happy Running! Do you do drills?



5 thoughts on “Drills and Hills…Are they worth it?

  1. I have incorporated weekly speed work this year. My neighborhood is hilly so I “think” I’m getting hills, but it’s probably not enough. I don’t repeat them over and over like I should. You’ve been awesome with your PRs lately! WOW.


  2. We have no hills here in Wilmington, but I do have workouts that I do with a group and they are tough. I have continued to improve a little, but as you know, age is a factor. Not sure how many PR’s I have, but I love getting them! Congrats on how well you have done this year. Fantastic!


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