Troy Turkey Trot 10K race recap

A new turkey trot for me.  And a 10K!!

To save time, I picked up my bib and shirt on Sunday.


short-sleeved tech shirt

Then yesterday, we had our first major snowstorm – almost a foot of snow dumped on us!!! I was nervous all night…wondering how much snow we would get, would I be snowed in, would the race be cancelled…?

But the snowplow came at 5 am and the race directors emailed that the roads would be cleared of snow.

It was cold…around 30 degrees but little wind.  I brought extra clothes & shoes. I figured that I would take advantage of the bag check.

I got there early since I was unfamiliar with the parking situation.


I found parking in a garage about a block from the start but realized if I parked there,  I would be stuck there until 11:15 so I moved my car to a lot farther away and made my way to the Atrium to stay warm.


In the Atrium, I checked my clothes, used the restroom and chatted with other runners.  I met the coordinator of my STEM couch to 5k group and many members of my training group.  It was nice to know so many people.

The 10K started at 8 am followed by the kid’s one mile race & a one mile walk and then at 10 am the most popular event, a 5K.

from a previous non-snowy year

I was supposed to meet my friend Gina but I couldn’t find her.  Eventually it was time to head to the start.  It was very crowded and one of the runners from the training group & I squeezed in around the 10 min mile pace.  We started together but it was so crowded that I lost her right away.

Well, my Garmin decided to be difficult and wouldn’t find a signal.  The race began but I don’t know how long it took me to get to the start.  I continued to play with my watch and it finally started midway over bridge.

It was probably a good thing because it kept my first mile slower rather than my usual burnout start pace.

The roads were a little slippery at first especially on the bridge and you had to watch out for puddles but as the race went on, it seems to get better.

Eventually, I noticed my friend Gina & another runner from the group, Deb, up ahead.  They are faster and I wanted to catch up to them but I couldn’t.

I rarely looked at my Garmin because it was not accurate.  I just tried to run at an even pace and to save some for the last mile.

I skipped the first water stop and even the second but I questioned my judgment because I was dying for a drink by the 3rd one.

There were timing clocks throughout the course -at roughly miles 1.5, 3, 4 and 5.  I was on pace for a PR at each one but I didn’t want to get cocky since I usually run out of gas by the end.

Eventually I caught up to Gina and we chatted but she slowed and I ran ahead and then caught up to Deb.

Finally, I stopped to walk at the last water stop and take a GU.  It was a little after mile 4.  I walked for a while and Deb ran ahead.

This walk gave me a second wind, I think, because I was passing people all of a sudden.  I caught up the runner that I started with and I even passed her.


heading to the finish line – bridge in the background – photo by TU

As usual, it seemed to take forever to run the last mile….


but I couldn’t believe when I saw 56:XX on the clock.  There was nothing left in my tank & I crossed at 57:xx.  (My chip time was 57:03.)


I was very happy!!

I saw Hollys, another runner from our group, who was running the 5K.  She yelled to me: “You got a PR!”


After getting my medal, I got a bag and filled it with food and downed some chocolate milk.


happy to be done!

Soon all the others from the training group finished and we chatted. I think they all had PRs.


no I don’t know these two – photo by TU

Overall, this was a very enjoyable race.  The course was mostly flat and had 2 turn arounds which let you see the faster & slower runners. It was also very well organized.  I will definitely run it again next year.

Here was the course:


 By the time, I went back to the Atrium to get my checked bag, it was packed.  Over 5000 runners run the 5K.  Although I might have gotten an age group award for the 5K (I was 5th in the 10K), I am glad that I ran the earlier and less crowded 10K.


I was able to walk to my car and escape before the 5k even started.

So here are my abbreviated stats:

mile 1- 8:59
mile 2 – 9:04
mile 3  – 9:02
mile  4 – 9:44 (walked)
mile 5 – 9:21
mile .94 – 8:26

5.94 miles – 54:36


Race Goals:

A. PR (under 58:28) – YES!!!
B. Finish under 1 hour – YES!!!
C.  Finish under 1:04:54 – YES!!!
D. Finish happy and uninjured – – YES!!!


Happy Running! Did you race on Thanksgiving?





11 thoughts on “Troy Turkey Trot 10K race recap

  1. Fabulous job Darlene. Nice PR, despite cold conditions. I also ran a turkey trot today, but it was a smallish one. I placed first in my AG, but the course was long so it wasn’t a PR. I’ll take it at at my age! Happy thanksgiving!


  2. Congrats Darlene! You were very speedy! All those hills in Prospect Park must have really prepped you. See you next year at the training and at other races next summer. Helen


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