Run Off That Turkey 5K race report

I wasn’t planning on running a race today.

Yesterday was a beautiful day…cold but beautiful. So on my rest day, I couldn’t keep myself indoors.  The problem was where to run.

The streets and sidewalks were slippery and snow-covered.

So I drove to a bike path hoping it would be clear.

It wasn’t.  Just part of it was so I couldn’t run very far and had to head out onto the streets.  But it was so nice out…






I came home wondering about whether or not I should go to my last Turkey Trot Group run this morning.  It is at the RPI campus and it is very hilly.  Would it be safe to run there?

So I did what any race-addicted runner would do, I signed up for a 5K.   I assumed that for a race, the course would be clear and I could get in a good run. (The group run started at 8:30 am and the race at 10 am…. it would be warmer, as well.)

I ran this race back in 2011 and finished at 28:11.

After running 9 miles in 2 days, I just wanted to get a good run in. I had no idea what my legs would be able to do.

And it was FREEZING!!! In the single digits when I got up and it warmed up to the teens when I left but the sun went in.

The race started at 10 am and I knew where it was so I left around 9:00 am. (I was glad that I decided not to run at 8:30 and got to sleep in and wait for it to “warm” up.)

I dressed similar to what I wore for the Turkey Trot except that I wore tights instead of capris & compression socks and a warmer hat plus a fleece vest as an extra layer.

Once I arrived, I realized that it started at the elementary school not at the church as it did last time.  I was hoping that the course was the same.

I remember that it was an out & back course on village and country roads and that it ended running uphill.

I hung out with some familiar faces….the 2 older women that run every weekend.  We chatted since I hadn’t seen them in a while.


we got gloves instead of a shirt

I also met a 40ish women who was running her second race.  She ran her first 5k with no training and finished in 27 minutes.  She was wondering about the course and how she could run fast.  I had a hard time relating to someone who thought 27 minutes was slow but I humored her.

Eventually we headed to the start.  There were close 200 runners. And we were all freezing while waiting to start.  I moved close to the front since there were no chips.

The course was pretty with the snow on the trees and the mountains (Helderbergs) in the distance.  It was cold!!! I had a hard time breathing or maybe it was the weariness in my legs but I didn’t feel like I could run fast.  My new “young” friend sprinted ahead but I could see her the whole time.

The course seem flatter than last time. (Maybe I am in better shape from all those hills in Troy.)  The problem was that you had to keep an eye out for icy spots and you couldn’t run the tangents since the turns were covered with ice.

I couldn’t wait to finish since my face was frozen & I couldn’t feel my fingers. I ran the whole thing.  I was too cold to stop for water. (There weren’t any volunteers. You had to pour your own.)

And as I suspected, this was one of my slower races of recent.  I crossed at 28:16. Not too shabby.  Things considered.


I went inside to warm up…there was only cookies, bananas & water.  The problem with non-chipped races is that it takes forever to figure out the awards.

In the meantime, they had raffles prizes. (I was one of the few who didn’t win.)


But I did win 1st in my age group! Yay!


Race Splits:

mile 1 – 8:54
mile 2 – 9:16
mile 3 – 9:19
.14 – 8:33

Being that I didn’t register until yesterday, I didn’t have any goals other than run a good race and have fun.

Despite the cold, I enjoyed the race and I am glad that I “ran off that turkey.”


I made these when I got home

Happy Running!  Did you run off that turkey?


7 thoughts on “Run Off That Turkey 5K race report

  1. Now you understand how I feel with someone who is fast to me but thinks she’s slow. 🙂

    Nice medal! Good job on a cooooold day.

    Glad I didn’t do it, I’m just kind of wiped out today.

    Worked off thanksgiving dinner with some strength training & we walked the dogs. I’ll run tomorrow; hoping the crossings is cleared.


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