What I’m Loving Wednesday

I haven’t done this in quite a while. So here are 5 things that I am loving right now:


pumpkin is my favorite

You can only buy it in Target and it’s not cheap.  But it is soooo good.

Noosa is made with milk from Morning Fresh Dairy, right on site at their farm in Bellvue, Colorado.  Morning Fresh milk is free of artificial growth hormones (rBGH) and artificial preservatives. To lightly sweeten Noosa, they use golden Clover Alfalfa honey from Colorado’s Beeyond the Hive, family-owned since 1908. Their all natural fruit purees are made with the highest quality, best-tasting fruit on the market, and are  free of artificial ingredients of any kind.



I make them on the weekends. I even like to make them for dinner sometimes.


The perfect treat after a long run or race.  Almond milk has more calcium than regular milk and it’s easier to digest,

4. Energy Bars

I sit at my desk and eat intermittently throughout the day (like every hour or 2).  I usually run, play tennis or do yoga after work and one of these bars keeps me going until dinner.  I like Clif Bars but I also buy what’s on sale such as, Balance, Kashi, Luna, Larabar and store brands.



I hate fake nails but I want my nails to look good and not keep breaking.  I used to get a Gel manicure but it would take about 2 hours to get them done.  Then I discovered ANC (Amazing Nail Concept). The process is done by coating your nails in various clear polishes and dipping your nails into a colored powder.  When the final coat is applied, it hardens to a plastic-like consistency.  And it doesn’t take a long time. I get a French manicure. That way, I get let them go for over a month before anyone notices. Caution, once you start (like hair dye), you won’t be able to go back to normal nails & polish.

and more importantly…

Happy Running! What are you loving right now?


12 thoughts on “What I’m Loving Wednesday

  1. i haven’t had Noosa — i’m such a Chobani tried-and-true that i don’t like to change. however, i love everything about Colorado, so that elevates it a notch in my book. 🙂 i’m loving the fact that i only have to make it through this week before having a week off!


  2. The nails look good! I am fan of pancakes too, I had some over the weekend 🙂 You know I’ve been thinking about giving up the hair dye…not sure if I am ready to go silver yet, but it is a pain to maintain.


  3. Obviously, I gave up on dying my hair yrs ago. I”” not a high maintenance gal. I do get wistful when I see all the gray- then I put a running hat on!

    I love Noosa too but for me it’s just an occasional treat because it’s really high in sugar & I don’t have your metabolism. I eat siggi’s on a regular basis (only available at Whole Paycheck, sadly).

    I LOVE pancakes, eat them yr-round, almost always before a race & love them any time of day! Kind of drives my husband nuts.

    Right now I’m loving fitness gear at Target. Returned the jacket, but bought yet another pair of thinsulate mittens & another beanie (and I just might have to buy that beanie in more colors – see how I feel about it after my run today.

    You’ll have to let me know if you want to get together for a run since you’ll be off. I’m running slow & short these days, tho.


    • You hairs looks good because it is uniformly grey. Mine is only at the temples. I’ve seen Siggi’s. I must try it. I have a beanie from Target but it is too small. I wonder if it the one you like. And yes, I’d love to run with you – either on the Nisky bike path or Crossings. I only run long on the weekend. And I run slow when I am not racing. I can any day next week.


      • Actually, my hair is much, much grayer around my face – you mostly see it pulled back, which is why it looks uniform; it really isn’t. I had an aunt who dyed hers pretty much her entire life.

        My plan is to run MWFS next week, 3 miles each time for an even 12.

        I’m guessing W and/or F would be out for you; just let me know.

        M I’m planning in the afternoon or late morning because I need to go grocery shopping in the morning.

        Oh, I am planning 4 (I think) this sat.


  4. I wasn’t thinking about it when I wrote that; I have a meeting on wed morning & don’t get home until about 11 (usually it’s Thursday but not Christmas Day, for obvious reasons).

    I could also do T TR S next week instead & then I don’t have time restrictions. Sorry!


    • I am flexible. It’s the only week during the year that I can run whenever I want. I am busy Thurs and Sat I run long so let’s say Tues.


  5. Ok. I have nothing going on tues that I know of. 80% chance of rain right now on wed anyway & I know you don’t do rain.

    Maybe I’ll run M, T, TR, S. 3 miles x 4 has such a nice ring to it. 🙂


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