It’s that time of year…

Time to mail those holiday cards out.

I participated in this card swap:

I was paired with Kristy from the Runaway Bride Planner to whom I sent this card:

xmas card 2014

I was also paired with John from Run. Geek. Run Disney who will be sending me a card.

My virtual running friends will get this one:

running card

I also plan to send the card below to a few friends and family:

holiday card

Happy Running? Do send many holiday cards? Do you buy them or make your own?





3 thoughts on “It’s that time of year…

  1. I don’t send any! Something had to give when my kids were little and things were insane around this time at my house. So, holiday cards got the axe! Maybe when they are out of the house…


  2. I usually do holiday cards, but all my cards are in storage right now, and I didn’t feel like buying a whole bunch of new ones. I’ll send a nice email to some of my close friends and family instead.


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