Running and Bargain Shopping

My two favorite things–Running and Bargain Shopping

Although I wasn’t sure that my legs were recovered from my half marathon on Thursday, I decided to meet my FB friend Judy for a run.

We have been meeting in the Crossings, the same place and at the same time.  This was to be the last time for a while since I will be going back to work. Each time the weather has been colder.

But nevertheless, it is always enjoyable to run with someone else. We chat abut running and racing and have basically the same philosophy on both.


The only problem with this run was that neither of us had a working watch or phone app. So I am guessing that it was more or less 4 1/2 miles since it seemed longer than our previous runs…but who knows?

After the run, I stopped at Starbucks to refuel.  I got some Blueberry oatmeal which gave me 4 bonus stars.(I now have enough to free lunch item this week 🙂 )


Then I stopped at FleetFeet. I love my Mizuno Wave Rider 18s so I had ordered them in a different color.


Aren’t they pretty?

Guess what? I had a $25 off coupon?  So I bought some of my favorite GU flavors (which were buy 10, get 2 free.)


Next, I headed to Joann Fabrics where I had 40% off coupon on one item and then 15% off the whole order. I bought a shelf that I plan to make into a medal hanger and some other stuff.


less than $1

I resisted going to Target that was in the  same plaza since I can’t get out of the store for less than $200. Instead I went to Marshalls.


I don’t need another tech top but the neck will keep my face warmer & it was only $14

The best deal of the day was on socks.  I get blisters and I was tempted to buy Feetures socks at FleetFeet but didn’t want to spend $15 on a pair of socks (when I don’t really need any socks.)


same socks but I found them in the men’s dept and they were only $4.50 so I bought 4 pair.

When I left, it was snowing.That was perfect. I left without being tempted to do more shopping.

I was so happy that I got my run in. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and colder temps are forecasted for the week.

Happy Running!  Do you shop for bargains?




8 thoughts on “Running and Bargain Shopping

  1. Ooooh! Score on everything, but especially the tech top & the socks! I need more socks! I have some stuff to return to both target & TJMaxx . . . yes, unfortunately, shopping is a bit of an addiction with me. But I’m a good bargain shopper, too.


  2. WHAT??? Feetures at Marshalls??? I am the worst shopper. I can’t stand it. When I see something I like, I tend to just get it, because I hate looking around for something similar or cheaper. I actually do a lot of my shopping online because it’s easier. That’s an awesome deal, though, and I love your new shoes!


  3. I’m not a big shopper (unless it’s running stuff!) but I do love a good deal. I didn’t know Marshalls would have Feetures socks! It’s a shame we have to pay $14-$17 for good socks!


  4. A lot of nice items, congrats! Looking at the pic I can understand how cold that day was.
    Do you remember when we didn’t have our Garmin? To be sure about the mileage we had to run always on the same route, now we are in the “future”.


  5. Wow, Feetures at Marshall’s was a huge find. I actually saw my Thorlo Experia socks there before Christmas and picked up a couple pair. I am a huge bargain shopper and now I will be going to Marshall’s and looking in the men’s sock department tomorrow! The tech top is really cute too and what a deal at $14. I have occasionally found a good deal on running socks at TJ Maxx too! Happy bargain shopping!


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