1.  It is cold. Not cold. Frigid. Like -20 with the wind chill.


2.  I still have not mastered treadmill running. I run slow.  I can’t handle more than 3 miles.  I ran outside Monday night and survived.  I hope it warms up to 15 so I can run outside tomorrow night.

but this is really accurate:

3. I am excited and nervous about my upcoming half marathon,

I can’t wait to leave the cold weather?  But will it be warm in Florida?  Will my flight arrive without a delay? (I leave on Friday & my race is 6:30 am Saturday.)

How will I be on race day?  Will I have a good race?

and an extra #4 & #5

4. I am racing (if it warms up) on Sunday,  HMRRC Winter Series #3.  It will be a 10K and my last long training run. I ran this one 2 years ago. I had finished in 1:08:18 (which was a PR at the time.) Now my 10K PR is 57:03. I hope to finish around 60 min.

5. I went to a STEM celebration dinner last night. It was for the volunteers and runners in the Domestic Violence Survivors Group. The women were so proud that they ran a 5k (in the pouring cold rain).


I can’t wait to do participate in this program again.


Happy Running! What’s new in your life? How are you dealing with the cold?



3 thoughts on “TTT

  1. hmmm what’s new in my life? i got new lil black booties last night that i’m really digging, if that counts, and i’m stoked to celebrate a good friend’s bday tomorrow night in the city (esp since i chose the spot and i’m really hoping she likes it and all goes well!). i’m dealing with the cold really successfully this year, so far — still running outside, until this morning, that is. 6am in the pitch black with -4 after windchill? i opted for a treadmill. not my fave, but did some speed and incline work and got a lil over 5 miles, so i’m happy.


  2. For the first time in about a year, I ran on the TM this morning. It was 15 degrees with negative whatever windchill. It wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be but I only did 4 miles. Oddly, my hips have hurt all day! I have a half Sunday and I won’t run again so it can be as cold as it wants for the next 2 days! Ha! I think your weather will be perfect for your half! You’ll do great. Your last one was awesome!!!


  3. You already know I’ve retreated back to my treadmill. You are a beast for running outside in the dark at those temps!i will run outside in pretty cold weather if it’s not too windy & we know that hasn’t been the case lately.

    I’m really gonna try for the anti-PR Sunday . . . I know it will be better for me ultimately if I take it easier right now. So definitely well over an hour.

    Chances are I’ll still run it too fast . . . see you Sunday!


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