This is my new volunteer gig.

I signed up to be a Running Buddy for our local GOTR program.

Here’s what it will involve:

The Running Buddy provides encouragement and support to their buddy throughout the course of the season by sharing weekly notes of encouragement. These notes can be emailed or delivered to their buddy’s Head Coach.

The Running Buddy acts as a personal cheerleader for their buddy by attending the practice 5k and the end of season 5k.

The Running Buddy completes the 5k with their buddy and expresses support and enthusiasm for her accomplishment!

Girls on the Run Capital Region is a 10-week afterschool program for girls in grades 3-8 that uses running and physical activities to teach life skills and help girls develop a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness.

The 6 sites are located in Albany, Rensselaer and Schenectady counties. (I hope to volunteer at a Delmar elementary school near my home.)

This spring’s 10-week season starts the week of March 9th, concludes the week of May 18th. The Final 5K is May 10th in Central Park, Schenectady. (This is the Mother’s Day 5K that I was planning to run.)

Practice 5K’s will be held the last two weeks of April at the respective schools. Orientation and assignments will be made in mid-March once the season is underway.


Fall 2014 5K

This sounds like a rewarding and fun experience with minimal time commitment.

I can’t wait!

Happy Running! Anyone else ever volunteered with a GOTR program?






7 thoughts on “GOTR

  1. I love GOTR!!! This year will be my second year as an assistant coach to elementary and middle school girls! We had so much fun last year and the girls are always so excited when they see me around town! Have sooo much fun! You are going to love it!


  2. Good for you! I’ve been coaching a GOTR program for years and it’s so much fun and so rewarding. I’m bummed we can’t offer the program to third graders this year because we don’t have enough volunteers. : (


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