Back to Yoga?


My anniversary?  Who knew? I took my first class there in 2011.

this was when Lisa taught there. Now there’s Maria who is good too.

I went often in 2011 and then again in 2013 but only several times in 2014.

Maybe this is a hint to start again.

Especially since I signed up for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

With working and running and tennis, I can’t just find a yoga class that fits my schedule so I decided to do some yoga poses at home.


my yoga studio

There are quite a few online videos that are really good.

Of course, this works great on a snow day or the weekend.

Otherwise,  I have been doing a very abbreviated yoga class.  I downloaded few apps and do yoga for about 5 minutes before work or before bed.


Here are some more good resources:

Truthfully, I enjoy going to a yoga class a lot more than doing it at home.  I get a lot more out of it.  There is someone to correct my poses.  It is more social.

But this is cheaper and I can fit it in whenever. The problem is that there is a big temptation to skip it when you are not signed up and paying.

But for at least 30 days, I have been trying to get in 5 minutes of yoga each week day.




I have not been posting to Instagram or Facebook. I would if I looked as good as everyone else who is posting.  I am just NOT FLEXIBLE… at all!

One more week to go!! Namaste!

Happy Running! Have you been doing the yoga challenge?



3 thoughts on “Back to Yoga?

  1. I have not been doing the Yoga challenge, but I really don’t like challenges much anyway. Challenges are great if you want to jump start something, but I am pretty happy with my exercise/training schedule as it is. Yoga classes are something I try to fit in a couple times per month.


  2. I am not very flexible, but i do try to use a few yoga stretches and poses after a work out to loosen up. I am a fan of stretching after a work out I found it helps me recover faster.


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