Tuesdays on the Run: Motivation

Erika @ MCM Mama Runs hosts Tuesdays on the Run with April @ Run the great wide somewhere and Patty @ My no-guilt life!

This week’s topic is: Motivation

There are many things that can be motivating for a runner…

  • Losing Weight

I do not use this as a motivator but I know many runners that do.  And I know for a fact that it has worked for them.

  • Eating What You Want

unfortunately I have eaten a whole pint in one sitting

I use sweets a reward.  If I ran, in my mind, then I feel better about eating them.

  • The Bling

cold and rainy but worth it

Sometimes that “big” medal is what gets you out there and gets you to the finish line.

  • Other Runners

my Love Run training run motivators

It’s more fun to run with others.  They can motivate you to run faster and take fewer walk breaks. Chatting also makes the miles go by faster.

  • That Feel Better Feeling

a cold run is better than no run

When you are tired or stressed, don’t you feel better after a run??

Well, I do.

  • Cute Outfits

new hat, skirt & tank

Not everyone is a fashionista.  But I know when I get something new to wear I want to get out there and run. It may be new running shoes, new compression socks, new skirt or whatever.

  • Beautiful Scenery


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a view of the mountains or the ocean when they run. But having something nice to look at certainly can distract you from the monotony of the run or the pain of the distance.

  • Music

Sometimes downloading new music or creating a new playlist is motivating.  I personally can take or leave running with music. But other runners get lost in their tunes.  Their pace matches the beat of the music and the songs carry them through their runs.

  • Social Networking


My blog keeps me accountable.  If I don’t run, I have nothing to write about.  For others, it may be Facebook or Instagram.  Sharing your running experiences can keep you motivated.

Happy Running! What motivates you to run?



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