1. I am sick of this cold weather. It’s sad when 20 degrees feels like a heat wave.


I will run outside in the winter but below zero, I draw the line.


As a result, there has been very little running since the weekend. (It was -11 when I left for work on Tuesday.)

I’ve had enough. Elsa, “Stop!!!!”

Just a side note…

no surprise that this February is the coldest

2012 was the winter that I broke my ankle and could not run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  I am at the age where more of my friends are retired than not.


just 2 of us here are not


just 3 of us here are not

Guess where they spend the winter?


Guess where I want to be?



January 19, 2015 =Heaven!

3. To make myself feel better about the weather, I have been registering like crazy for spring races.

  • 3-07-15  – Shamrock 5K (Palm Springs, CA)
  • 3-14-15 – Runnin of the Green 4 m
  • 3-22-15  – Shamrock Shuffle 5m
  • 3-29-15 – Delmar Dash 5m
  • 4-04-15 – Rabbit Ramble 4m ?? (if I’m not away for Passover)
  • 4-11-15 – Bacon Hill Bonanza 5k
  • 4-18-15 – Asbury Park Half Marathon* (in NJ)
  • 4-26-15 – Cherry Blossom 5k
  • 5-02-15 – Spring Run Off 15K
  • 5-09-15 – Mastodon 15k

The snow will be gone by then, right?


love this pic!

Happy Running! What’s going on with you these days?



5 thoughts on “TTT

  1. I agree! I love winter but my patience is wearing thin with this one. I was contemplating a trail race next weekend. But we just got 6″ more snow with more in the forecast this weekend. Ugh. Florida? Yes please!


  2. The painted flowers are awesome 🙂
    You are rocking a great tan in your tennis picture- this ginger is having tan envy lol I stay pasty white year round.
    I agree there has to be a limit when it comes to the cold – last winter 22 was about my threshold. I have barely run this winter, I hope that changes soon. I just got home and of course it has snowed again (big sigh)


  3. I think most people are with you on winter. I got sick after swimming then going out in the cold last month. Then sick this month after 7 miles in the cold. Not sure there’s a cause & effect there but for now I’m treadmilling even tho it’s sooooo boring. Not sure about Sunday, tho, since it’ll be a longer run. I didn’t end up signing up for Runnin’ of the Green so I guess I’ll find out about the new course from you.

    Lucky you getting to go somewhere warm twice in one winter!


    • I have been lucky (knock on wood). No illnesses this year. I’m doing a long one tomorrow, I think. Brrrrr. They still need volunteers for sunday, if you are interested.

      Can’t wait to feel some warm sunshine. Let’s run again together when I get back.


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