Heading West


My latest excuse for a vacation is that my running friend, Mary moved to Palm Springs, CA and last year I had such a good time visiting her that I decided to do it again. (Thanks Mary!!)

Remember Mary, my running, ice cream buddy?

Sean's Run with Mary

So I am going to PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA again!! March 6-11! (leaving tomorrow – taking 3 flights and hoping for good connections.)

Of course, there had to be a race for us to run together.

after last year’s 10 mile race

With a big tennis tournament starting nearby, the only race I could find was a 5K.

Come join us for a wild 5K dash in beautiful Downtown Palm Springs. Chase that pot of gold to the end of the rainbow and receive a beautiful finisher medal. Registration includes a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt, festive eyeglasses, green pancakes and a free photo download! Costume contest with great prizes!

Sounds like fun, right?

The last time I ran a 5k was in December and that was at night. My last competitive 5k was back in November. Not to mention that I am going from the frigid, snowy NE to the California desert. (Shocker!!)

So my primary goal for this race is to have fun. Of course, an age group award would make it even more special.

I am really excited to see Mary again.  To run with Mary! To leave the cold weather!


I’ll that it!!!

Maybe even get to go on this trail (Bump N Grind)…


doesn’t this look like fun?


view from Mary’s patio…she lives on the 12th hole

Happy Running! Do you plan your vacations around races??



9 thoughts on “Heading West

  1. First of all, I’ve missed you. I’m still not getting updated posts via email like before. But yours is not the only one. I’m working on it. Anyway, you have a great trip planned. A race and a trail run….fun!! That trail looks amazing. I bet the views go on for miles. Good luck on your race, be safe and have fun! Look forward to your race report.


  2. Wow, you will have so much fun with your friend Mary and in that beautiful warm weather too. My next half Saturday will start at 28 degrees but hopefully the sun will shine. Have a wonderful trip!


  3. What a fun trip you have planned and the 5k will be great. Good luck with an AG ward, I will be rooting for you! By the way, I love Palm Springs and went there for a tennis tournament in 1994….one of my best girls trips ever!


  4. have so much fun, and safe travels! i loooooove California and could easily live there. never been to Palm Springs (my parents have) — have a blast and a good race.


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