March 5 by the 5th Virtual Race

Laura at Mommy Run Fast hosts a virtual race called 5 by the 5th. The rules are that you have to run either 5 miles or a 5K by the 5th of each month starting February through May. There are prizes up for grab each month for those that participate and record their results.

I don’t do a lot of virtual races because I run so many actual races.

But this one is easy to fit in.

Well, yesterday we had a heat wave. It was 38 degrees.

I drove to UAlbany where I ran last week because I thought that the path around the campus would be clear.


It was for the most part, but in spots, it was snowy and slushy.  I had to tiptoe around the slush.

And at every intersection, there were huge puddles.  What a mess!!!

But it was a nice night to run and a 5k completed!

I had extra time and the arctic freeze was predicted to return today so I added an extra mile.

Happy Running! Do you do virtual races? Have you been able to run outdoors?



6 thoughts on “March 5 by the 5th Virtual Race

  1. WOW! I do like to do a virtual run here and there- helps fill in the holes in my training and will keep me motivated! i hope you get some better weather soon!


  2. Isn’t it sad that 38 is a heat wave? That was our temperature today and it felt so nice!! Glad you can participate!


  3. Help.. I registered myself and one other person for the 5k by 5 but never received a email confirmation. What do I need to do to get one? Or a list showing my name and the other person’s being registered?


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