Runfessions March

This month I’m linking up again with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Runfessions.  This my third Runfessions post.   I think will continue to do this monthly. Many of my Runfessions from last month repeated themselves… Here are this month’s Runfessions:

1.  I did not go to the gym nor did I go to any yoga classes. I had good intentions. But I always seem to have something more important to do.  Yeah, I know that’s not a good excuse.  If I really wanted to, I could find the time.

2. Last month, I was good about not buying ice cream  This month, not so much. I got addicted to this in California and it was on sale so I bought some more. image I’ve also had soft ice cream. as well. Several times!!

3.  I added 2 more races to my spring schedule.

May 7 – 6:30 pm

This was too tempting.  I work at a law school and it is 2 days before a race so it will be a training run.

May 24

I got in the lottery so I had to do it, right? And I have been whining about not being able to do my long runs on the weekend because of too many races.

4.  I bought more running clothes that I don’t need.


$9.99 at Marshalls and I can wear them for tennis

No more…my drawers are bulging!!

5. I’ve been skipping long runs. I am casual about my week day run distances but when I am training fora half marathon, I always have a schedule and try to keep to it.  I increase my long runs every weekend by 1 mile until I get to 12 and then I taper to 8.  It’s got me through so far and I even PRed on my 11th in January. My next one is April 18th.. week 7 – 8 miles – Nope – in California, too busy, too hot… only hiked week 8 – 9 miles – Nope – 4 mile race, too tired, rained…after ran/walked 3 more so only ran 7 week 9 – 10 miles – Sorta – 5 mile race and after ran/walked 5 more slow ones image week 10 – 11 miles – Sorta – 5 mile race and after ???- hopefully 6 more

Well, that’s it for now.

Happy Running!  Have any Runfessions to share?



7 thoughts on “Runfessions March

  1. I have not run in two weeks. But things will get better and I will be able to run the two half marathons I am signed up for. Repeat. Things will get better.


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