Freihofer Run for Women Training Challenge

I have mentioned before that I enjoyed the Turkey Trot Training group so much that I signed up for the Freihofer one.

The Turkey Trot training was for a 10K race and this one is for a 5K.

I am in the Advanced group with a lot of the same women as for the Turkey Trot Training Group.

The group meets 3 times on Monday (1:30, 5:00, 6:30), once on Wednesday (6:00) and then once on Saturday (8:30).


5 pm group

I always go to the 5 pm group on Mondays but skip the others. I run on my own on Wednesdays and either run long or have a race on Saturdays.

The group always starts out with a motivational talk by the leaders.


Patrick is greeting everyone

Then we split into our groups and do our thing.


pre-run selfie from a radio DJ (I’m in the front of the left)

We usually begin with some dynamic stretching followed by a run.

The day before, we get an email with the plan in case you can’t come to the training session.


Even though we are one “Advanced” group, we split up into the fast ones, the middle speeds and the slow pokes.  Depending on what I’ve run the day before, I fall into a different group each week but tend to hang with the middle to slow ones.

Afterwards, we stretch.  Sometimes, there is a health-related talk (especially on Saturdays.)

Being that I run by myself most of the time, I look forward to running with this group of women.  We chat while we run (about running, of course.)


3 of my partners in crime – Gina, Joanne & Holly

The drills are something that I should do but don’t do on my own.

The other perks are a tech shirt, discount coupons for Freihofer’s bread and sometimes even a loaf of bread.


It’s great to see so many women who are starting to run for the first time.  This year’s race on May 30 is going to be really exciting.

Happy Raining! Have you ever joined a training group?



3 thoughts on “Freihofer Run for Women Training Challenge

  1. Looks like a very fun group! That sounds like a hot race at the end of May! is it not blistering hot in the north maybe?
    My training group experience wasn’t that fun lol


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