April Fabulous Fit Gear Swap and the Race Aftermath


I signed up last month and got some cool gear so I decided to participate again in the  #FabulousFitgear Swap with Renee from Bendiful Blog.

This is how the program works:  you register by the 5th of the month, Renee will send you another blogger, you check out their blog, get to know them and you send them some fabulous fit gear ($20 value) by the 15th of the month.

I love new gear and I love meeting new bloggers.  A win-win.

This month, I got paired with Laura at Fit4Me.

I got her a tank top, a car magnet and some fuel (GU & Nuun). I hope she liked her package.

This is what I got:


perfect after my last half


warm weather is coming…I should try this

Thanks Laura for the gifts!!!

It is also Thursday and

so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

My random thoughts this week mostly center around my last race, of course.

I am trying not to be a Debby Downer about it anymore and focus on the positives ..

  • I finished and did not quit.
  • The weather was perfect…a great day to spend at the beach
  • The course was flat with ocean views.
  • The volunteers and the crowd were super.
  • I had a great visit with my college roommate.

and the lessons learned…

  • Anything can happen.  I couldn’t have predicted the blisters so I wouldn’t have done anything different.
  • Bad races happen.  They can’t always be a PRs.
  • I am human and even got my first bruised toenail.
  • Some runners have problems with their hips, IT bands, knees,…Me, it’s the feet.
  • There will be other races. There may even be worse races.

ap hm1

And believe it or not, I have races every weekend including another half marathon on May 24.

Hopefully, my feet have healed sufficiently to run this 5k.  Being the crazy type A runner that I am, I have goals for this race:

A. Course PR (under 27:51) 
B. Age Group Award.
C. Under 10 min pace for each mile.
D. No blisters.
E. Enjoy and finish!

At this point, I would be happy with D & E and to be able to run some extra miles after.

 5K - 27:51 Last year

Happy Running! Have you participated in this swap? What are you thinking about today? Any races comng up?



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