No Time for Training

May 24, 2015

Yes, that’s less than a month away.


But I am training for the Freihofer’s Run for Women 5K with group runs on Mondays and Saturdays.

I plan Tennis on Tuesdays.

Wednesdays I volunteer with STEMDomestic Violence Survivors Couch25K group.

Capital Region

This Thursday, I am running a practice 5K with my GOTR running buddy.

And then there are the races that I impulsively signed up for…




5K – May 7, 2015


May 9, 2015 – 15k on my birthday


with my GOTR running buddy

In addition, there’s celebrating my birthday and Mother’s Day.


with a trip to the Tulip Fest

And my 8 day tennis vacation in Naples, Florida.

group photo on our last day of tennis lessons

My hubby won’t let me forget that our marina opens and boating season will be beginning soon…


Hopefully, my legs will remember how to run because I have no time to train!!!

Happy Running!  Which race(s) are you training for?



2 thoughts on “No Time for Training

  1. Wow, busy lady! I’ve got three races in the next couple of weeks, along with my birthday (we’re birthday twins!) and Mother’s Day and trying to find an apartment for the summer, so I feel a bit crazed too!


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