My Birthday Race

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So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

And my birthday is Saturday.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

This race is a new one for me.

Normally I run my birthday race every year on Mother’s Day. I will be this year but as a running buddy for the GOTR program.

So this is my serious race and I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday.

This is how the course is described:

Both races start at the Cohoes Falls in a park named after a heroic Vietnam War Veteran – Colonel Robert Craner – Craner Park.

After that we take you:

  • Past the Historic Harmony Mills – now luxury loft apartments,
  • By the Restored Cohoes Music Hall which produces some of the best entertainment this side of Broadway!
  • By the business district, with great architecture
  • Past a historic Armory soon to be turned into a Brewery/Restaurant.
  • Next, you run through a park and on the old Erie Canal Towpath which brings you up to
  • The Mohawk Bike Trail (where the whole thing started!). The path is shaded this time of year, but don’t get comfortable because the hill that brought you to it is just the beginning.
  • Once you are off the path, you pass by wonderful schools, parks and neighborhoods but they come at a cost.
  • From there you run up 4 hills that hurt and lots of inclines along the way….don’t worry – we have 8 water stops and entertainment along the route to keep you going. From church groups to Boy Scouts and schoolchildren, to the High School Band… we are here to welcome you and make this as painless as possible. Our volunteers are at every corner and they are so excited you can’t help but appreciate their enthusiasm. Watch out for paper mache mastodons on the sidewalks!
  • Once you hit mile 7 and 8 you are golden! We take you back to the shade of the Bike Path and down a couple of hills with the mist from the Beautiful Cohoes Falls ahead of you.
  • Sweet.
  • Challenging.

Cohoes Falls

Yes, it does sound challenging.  The question was whether to run the 5k or the 15K?

I chose the 15k (for now.)

But with my foot issues and a 5K on Sunday, I am seriously thinking of downgrading (AGAIN) to the 5K…

Either way, my goal to enjoy running and not worry about my finish time.

 Happy Running?  Do you race on your birthday?



6 thoughts on “My Birthday Race

  1. Have the most awesome race (and birthday)! I think it would be an awesome way to celebrate, but my birthday is in the beginning of January and there aren’t a ton of races out here at that point considering everything is covered in a few feet of snow…


  2. Have a great birthday run! I did Hot chocolate Philly 15k as my Birthday race, it was 2 days later and lots of fun! Happy birthday tomorrow!


  3. I love Cohoes Falls & it’s astounding to me so few people know about them!

    Hard to race on my birthday since it’s the middle of winter. The only time I’ve come close was my second half (was meant to be my first but I got sucked into Vegas!), just days after my 50th.


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