My Favorite Race Changes its Course

This Thursday is for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

I am thinking today, of course, about my upcoming 5K race…

This is the only race that I’ve run every year!

Due to construction, they are changing the course.

So it is even more exciting?

They say that this course will be faster…less congestion and less steep hill at the start.

As with this race every year, I never know what will happen…

Will I be on the first page of the sports section again?


Schenectady Gazette 2010

that’s me 2nd from left (2010) – Timesunon


me again in the purple (2012) – Timesunon

I should be recovering not running a 5K.  I just race a half marathon last Sunday.

But how could I miss my 8th Freihofer’s Run for Women?

Yes,  for the 8th time, I am running this race. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The Freihofer Run for Women is my favorite race:

  • It is ALL women – all ages – all sizes – veterans  – newbies – elites – walkers
  • It is a real USATF race with Olympic runners in it.
  • It feels so good to be a part of its excitement.
  • The results are printed in the local newspaper and even though I finish around 2000, I am happy if I finish in the top half.
  • You always meet someone you know.
  • Running it in 2008 made realize that I actually was a runner.
  • Being part of other runners’ first 5k in 2010 made me proud.
  • 2011 was my FRW PR year.
  • Finishing it in 2012 (after serious ankle surgery) helped me believe that I could be a runner again.
  • I broke my foot at the beginning of the race in 2013 and still gutted out a finish under 30 minutes!
  • In 2014, I ran as part of a team to raise money for a former student who was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • It ends with a downhill 🙂
  • Maybe I’ll make the newspapers again…

This is the first time I trained with a running group.

5 pm group. There are 3 other groups

Training is a loose term. I kinda just showed up.  Monday runs were always after a Sunday long run and I never attended the Saturday runs.  But it will be fun to share the excitement of all the runners who will be finishing their FIRST 5k.  And see my “advanced” buddies who will hopefully PR.

In such a crowded race, it is impossible to have time goal. But finishing under 30 minutes (AND NOT GETTING INJURED) would make me happy. A race PR (under 28:14) would make me super happy!

I would love at least to reverse the “run a 5k and get slower with each one” trend.

  • Cherry Blossom 5k – 27:56
  • Albany Law Day 5K – 29:16
  • Mother’s Day 5K – 30:16

Happy Running!  Do you have a favorite race?



9 thoughts on “My Favorite Race Changes its Course

  1. Awesome! And bittersweet – although it sounds like the new course will be an improvement in some ways. Even if your times are a little slower, you are still cooking with gas! Just focus on that finish line and you will be amazing!

    I have a bunch of favorite races: the Space Coast Half, the Gate River Run, the Memorial Day 5k. They all have their charms, and I always get so excited for them. Good luck!


  2. Good luck! I can’t believe they changed that course. The big uphill at the start was such a rite of passage!! 🙂


  3. so much fun to be on the front page of the paper! hope you have a blast with it. i’ve never done this race — SO MANY WOMEN! gah. hmmm my fave race is prob the Brooklyn Half, actually. love that and always felt great/had an amazing time running it.


  4. I need to be reversing that trend too! I’m sure you’ll have a great race. People have told me they’ve seen me on the news in various clips about races. I think it’s the bright colors and funky arm warmers that catch the attention of the camera man. I just hope there is nothing hanging out of my nose! Kick butt!


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