Friday Five and May Runfessions


Every Friday, three DC area bloggers Mary at Mar On the Run, Cynthia at You Signed Up For What?! and Courtney from Eat Pray Run, DC to host the Friday Five linkup.  Anyone can join with their own Friday Five post (yes, it must be a Friday Five!!)  They encourage you to visit other blogs on the linkup, comment, share and engage!

This week, the theme is Free I have decided to link up again with Marcia’s Healthy Slice for Runfessions.

Here are my 5 Runfessions:

1. I am impulsive.  Some people think about what race to sign up for, weigh all the options, think some more.  Me, I just sign up and think later.

So many months ago I heard about a new race and I signed up.

June 13, 2015 7:30 am

The USATF-certified, out-and-back course begins at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, located on the eastern banks of the Hudson River. The route continues southwest on the flat, tree-lined William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail, which winds through the Dutchess County towns of Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls. The stunning views from the elevated Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park offer runners a wonderful mid-race pick-me-up as they head across the river and onto the Hudson Valley Rail Trail in the Ulster County town of Lloyd. A return trip across the Walkway, and a final downhill sprint brings participants back to Marist and the scenic waterfront.

It is only 1 1/2 hours away so it is driveable the morning of the race.  It go overs the new bridge that I have been wanting to see.

Of course, that means leaving at 5 am. Ok, not fun but I can do that.

Here’s the bad part:

All runners must pick up their race numbers at the expo.


Oops. I hadn’t thought of that. I just got back from a vacation so I don’t want to spend money on a hotel.  I work on Friday and I can’t drive 3 hours to get my bib.

I posted messages on several  running groups’ FB pages with no response.

Finally I noticed that someone posted on FB that she was running it.  So I asked her to pick up my bib.  I don’t really know her but she said yes.  I am grateful.

Next time, maybe I’ll read the fine print.

2. Ignorance is bliss.

My clothes seemed to be getting tighter and tighter.  It may have been all my birthday celebrations. But I decided to weigh myself.  Yup, I had gained 5 lbs and was at my post-vacation weight before my vacation. (I still enjoyed my vacation with deserts and drinks!!)

I came home and went to weigh myself. My scale was dead.  I think it needs a new battery.

But I haven’t replaced it.

For a while I won’t be depressed about how much I weigh…

3. Tennis won…

I ran a measly 13 miles during the 8 days I was in Naples, Florida.

it was pretty and I could have gotten up early every day…

I played tennis for about 13 hours (or more). And the first time in a year, I enjoyed tennis more than running.

Don’t worry. I’m back to normal.  I haven’t played tennis since I got home and will go back to playing once a week and running 3-4 times a week.

4. I want new feet…

They are still an issue.  I think I have solved the blister problem. I didn’t get any during my half marathon. But besides surgery, I have still googling solutions.

substitute RUN for WALK

I have two problems and they are related my inherited, poor shoe choice BUNION problem.

The barely noticeable one get inflamed and presses on a nerve so it hurts on and off (sometimes more on then off.)

The bigger one doesn’t hurt but makes my big toe turn inward.  That makes the second toe hurt and puts pressure on the ball of my foot – burning pain on longer runs.

As a result, my speed has left me and my desire to run long races is disappearing, as well.

A smart person would just stop running for awhile.

But that is not going to happen…

Tentative summer schedule: (The ones in bold I have signed up for.)

  • 6-07-15 – Betar Byway 5K & Moreau Mile
  • 6-13-15 – Walkway Half Marathon
  • 6-21-15 – Adirondack Distance 10m
  • 7-12-15 – Saratoga Springs 5k
  • 7-18-15 – Silks and Satins 5K
  • 8-1-15 – Race the Train (8.4 m)
  • 8-15-15 – Jailhouse Rock 5k

My fall schedule is even more full with a half marathon scheduled for Oct 10.

So now I am considering wrapping them with KTape or buying new shoes

thinking of these…. anyone?

or just biting my tongue and running in pain.

5. Too lazy.

I sit at work all day in front of a computer.

I eat at my desk.

I am not that busy that I couldn’t go for a walk.  Sometimes I force myself.  But most days I just sit.

Before and after work, I pass by a FREE gym. I would take 15 minutes to stop and use some of the machines to work on upper body strength. But I never do.

I always have clothes and shoes with me. Just can’t get myself motivated.

Well, that felt good…

Happy Running! Anything to runfess?



12 thoughts on “Friday Five and May Runfessions

  1. I hate it when packet pickup becomes an issue. I’m struggling with the same thing with my upcoming tri. The race is over an hour away and I’d love to not have to make a special trip for the packet. Hope you get some pain relief for that bunion! Thanks for linking up!


  2. We are in the same boat with the pounds slipping up ( mee too) but I will tell you the same thing I told HoHo, still the same beautiful lady. You looked great in vacation pictures. It probably just vacation treats, it will come off.
    I have used KT tape on my leg, it does make it feel better. I tried Hoka (I have trail shoes), but wasn’t thrilled, i actually love Altra’s padding more. It’s so unique for everyone though, it’s a hard call.
    I hope you have a great race and the foot behaves.


  3. I think I’m going to run the Silks & Satins race. I’ve done Race the Train — the first two miles are the most difficult miles I’ve ever run in a race. Really huge hill. After that, it’s rolling hills and quite nice. But those first miles were the closest I’ve ever come to DNFing a race. I might’ve even cried a little.


  4. I do not like it when you are close enough to drive on the day of a race, but you can’t get your packet. Drives me nuts! Get a Fitbit. It will force you to move. And we can be Fitbit buddies! At least you have some races on your calendar (sigh).


  5. We haven’t had a scale in years! It’s awesome that way!

    My runfesion is that my plantar hurts like a mother, but I’m being pretty insistent on ignoring it (I mean, I’m rolling and stretching and all that). Because mind over matter, right? It will be ok, but I am in such denial.

    Have a great weekend!


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