National Running Day

In honor of National Running Day, I am linking up with Kristen and several other bloggers and answering questions about my running!

1. Why do you run?

Because it makes me feel healthier, younger and happier.

VCM Relay

2. How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?
By running of course!!!  Probably 4 miles after work. On the rail trail


or maybe join a group run at FleetFeet.

3. How many miles have you run so far this year?
I’ve run 352 miles so far this year!

june 3

4. What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?
I have already run some big ones: Hangover Half, West Palm Beach Half, Asbury Park Half, VCM Relay.

But I still have some more planned: Walkway Half, Adirondack Distance Run, Brooklyn Half, Stockadeathon, Turkey Trot 10k and many more…

5. Before you leave for a run you must have:
iPhone for music, distance and photos, baseball cap, sunglasses if it’s sunny out, running skirt, and running shoes of course!


6. Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?
I always carry my iPhone so I use the Nike+ app for distance.  In races, I wear my Garmin to keep track of time and pace.


it’s old and big but I love it

7. Who is your favorite running partner?


I usually run by myself out of convenience.

But I do enjoy running with some women (Barbara & Judy) whom I have met online. That reminds me that I should schedule some runs with them soon.



8. What races have you ran so far this year?
18 race so far:

9. If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running what would it be?
If you’re just starting out, don’t try to run too fast too soon. Don’t give up. You will get faster. Believe in yourself.  No matter what your finish time is, you area winner.

10.  Describe your relationship with running in one word:

No matter what, I don’t plan to give up.


Happy Running! How are you going to celebrate National Running Day? Answer the interview questions in a comment.



8 thoughts on “National Running Day

  1. same, i almost always run solo, out of convenience and just liking to do my own thing. i’m taking an outdoor running bootcamp tonight, though, so i’ll be running w/ a crew for the first time in a while!


  2. Your race list for what you have run so far, is bigger than my whole running career lol
    I run because it makes me stronger and accomplished and content. It’s my hormone replacement therapy 😉


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