Betar Byway 5K and Moreau Mile Race Report


I ran this race last year and remembered it being fun (even though there were hills) so I signed up again.

can I still beat 30 minutes?

The 5K is a out and back and has one hill just before the 1 mile mark, with the rest being flat and the down hill at about 2.25 and a slight increase at the finish. Course is both paved (along Hudson River) and packed dirt path in wooded area, for approx 1.25 mile.

bb elevation

It is about an hour north of my house (and on the way to my boat.)

And most importantly, I love scenic. Here are some views of the course:




finish line view

The weather was cool and cloudy.  It was about 50 degrees when I left the house. It was predicted to warm up to the 70’s later.  Actually perfect running weather for a change.

I left early and arrived in plenty of time.  I parked nearby and got my race packet.


ready to race in purple

Then I used the restroom – yes, there were real ones.


Believe it or not, I didn’t know anyone at this race.

So I just patiently waited until it was time for everyone to walk down to the water for the start.


Of course, while waiting for the gun to go off, I wound up talking to some older runners… about future races and running shoes.

I planned to start near the front since there were no timing chips or start line but I was chatting and forgot.

I must say that this was one of the prettiest course I have ever run.  It was along the water most of the time or on a paved trail through a park.

I tried to focus on the scenery since I knew that this one would be tough due to hilly course.

The first mile had a small hill which I ran up and then came the monster hill.  I walked up the whole thing and had trouble doing that it was so steep. I think I did the right thing since it was early in the race.

It wasn’t warm but I walked through the first water stop anyway but very quickly.

Lately I am having trouble running fast.  I am trying but my breathing is labored and my legs just won’t go.  ( guess that’s why runners do speed drills!)

Eventually the course looped around and you headed back to the start.  I passed through the second water stop and then finally came the big hill. This time you were running down. These hills always scare me so I hold back especially with my falling history.


Then I think I walked once more before the final hill which led to the finish line.


can I catch her?


nope. she’s too fast

I tried unsuccessfully to pass a 10 year old.


but I will beat 30 minutes!


yes, I will!

But at least I finished under 30 minutes! 29:25


mile 1 – 9:38
mile 2 – 9:44
mile 3 – 9:06
.14 – 8:43

At least, I was 24 seconds faster than last year but slower than last week’s 5k.

After the 5K, there was a one mile race.  Not for kids but for everyone.  It looked like fun last year so I signed up for this one too (I am crazy like that.)

Of course after the hilly 3.1 miles, my legs were too tired to run even ONE mile but I wanted to give it my best shot.

However, I never ran it before and I didn’t know where they would start the race. I was chatting with an older runner about injuries (what else?) and I noticed that they were not starting the second race and it was almost time.

So I asked and they said, the it started a mile into the course and finished in the same spot as the 5k.  Well, that made sense.

Would I have enough time to get to the start? Probably not but I started running.

I ran and ran but unfortunately I wasn’t there yet when I heard the gun go off to start the race.  So I moved over and let the runners go by and then continued to the start and started running.

I was last, of course, and tired since I just race a 5k plus an additional mile getting to the start.

But I did pass a few people.




now serious!

Garmin time was 9:46.

Then they gave out the awards and I won third place in my age group in both races


betar byway 5k


moreau mile

Even a faster time wouldn’t have gotten me ahead the speedier ladies.

I will definitely do this race again.  I loved the course and the scenery.  Next time, maybe I’ll try to run up that  hill and now I know where the Moreau Mile race starts.


One of the reasons for choosing this race was that it was on the way to our marina so I could join my hubby who was patiently waiting.


my hubby on our boat

This was my view from a lounge chair for most of the rest of the day.



in my happy place


with lots of post race snacks

Several boating  friends joined us.


and an insect friend

Very relaxing.

We ended the day with a nice dinner at a new restaurant in town.

Racing+Boating=Perfect Sunday

I’m linking this post up with Tara at Running n’ Reading for her Weekend Update!

I am also linking up with Jessica from The Silvah Lining for the Race Recap Link Up.

The Silvah Lining

Happy Running! What did you do this weekend? Did you run or race?



7 thoughts on “Betar Byway 5K and Moreau Mile Race Report

  1. You’re probably not getting enough recovery with all that racing! Impressive to win an AG award when you started late. 🙂

    USAFit started last weekend (actually the week before), so it’s early morning runs on Saturdays for me. Not much racing going on. I’ll live vicariously through you.


  2. Congrats on snagging the AG place 🙂 Well done. That does look like a beautiful setting for a race. What a great path. How nice hubby could hang out on the boat and wait 🙂
    I love your purple!


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