City Running Tours

I am going to Denver today for a work conference. I am staying in a hotel outside of the city.

I want to see the city of Denver and I want to run.

But I have very little time since I have to go to the conference sessions on Thursday, Friday & Saturday am.

I do have a little time after I arrive today so I found this:

City Running Tours

They have scheduled group tours several times a week in many cities, including Denver.  It would be fun to run with others.

But unfortunately none are scheduled when I can go.

For a more expensive price, there’s this…

Our PERSONALIZED RUNNING TOURS are completely customizable to accommodate your needs and interests as both a runner and a tourist. You choose how far you want to run, which areas and sights you would like to see, and then we customize a run specifically for you. Your own personal running guide will meet you at the location where you are staying to take you on your run. We run at your pace, provide water, and even bring along a camera in case you’d like to capture the moment or the sights.

At the end of the run, our running guide will ensure you get back to where you are staying and provide you with a souvenir goody bag with other keepsakes to help your remember your run through the city.

These runs are perfect if you are a tourist looking to explore a new city, training for a race and interested in a running partner, or a business traveler eager to fit in a run and looking to avoid the hotel treadmill. We work with you to recommend specific routes that cater to exactly the kind of run and experience you are looking for.

Sounds perfect (except that the price is more than I paid for my last half marathon.)

I wish that I had the time to plan my own “running tour.” But I do not.


I will need a run after sitting on a plane for so many hours and I will not have run since Saturday (and I have a 10 mile race on Sunday when I return.)

So I plan to take the light rail from my hotel into downtown Denver and run for about an hour on a customized City Running Tour.

A 4 mile run on a Wednesday afternoon seeing the highlights of Downtown Denver seems worth it to me.

I’ll let you know how it went when I return.

Happy Running! Anyone ever take a “City Running Tour?”


3 thoughts on “City Running Tours

  1. Hey Darlene, Denver is a great city to run in. They have awesome running/biking paths. You’ll love it. The altitude might be an issue. Just take it a little easier than normal and hydrate well. I ran the Revel Rockies Half out there last year. Loved it! Have fun! Can’t wait to read your post when you get back home.


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