Adirondack Distance Run DNS

Sunday, June 21, 2015 –  7:30 a.m.

A ten mile race consisting of rolling hills from Lake George Village to Bolton Landing.


Last year was my first year running this race which was on my bucket list since I began running.


I loved it. Especially since it ended at the marina where we keep our boat and my friends and my hubby could watch me finish.

This year, I was really looking forward to the race even though I would not be racing under optimal conditions:

  • I hadn’t be running this past week.
  • I ran a half marathon last weekend.
  • I would be coming home late the night before from Denver and would be jet-lagged.

Nevertheless, I laid out my clothes before I left for my trip and planned to give it my best shot and have fun.

My flight from Denver to Baltimore left on time and even arrived early.  I was psyched to not have any flight problems.

But I spoke too soon.

After I landed, it started to storm.

My flight was delayed an hour.

Many of the other flights were delayed or cancelled.

I bumped into Carol whom I  knew from college & her husband.  They had been visiting their son who lives in Baltimore so we hung out together hoping to fly home that night.

The flight got delayed again and again and again.

And eventually it got cancelled along with every flight going out of Baltimore.

I’ll spare all the details but it was an angry scene of thousands of passengers trying to find their luggage, re-book their flights and find lodging for the night.

We were told that all the flights were booked for the next day and the lines for re-booking were miles long and not moving at all.

It also looked next to impossible to get a cab or even find a room for the night.  There weren’t even any rental cars left.

Yeah, we were screwed.

So what my friends decided to do was to have their son come back to the airport to get them, sleep at his apartment and rent a car (outside of the airport) and drive home the next day. (They couldn’t stay longer sadly because Carol had to go to Boston Monday morning for cancer treatments.)

I was so lucky to have bumped into Carol.  They invited me to sleep on the couch and drive back with them the next day.

So instead of arriving home Saturday evening at 10:30 pm and running my favorite race at 7:30 am on Sunday morning, I got home at 4:30 pm on Sunday afternoon.

I am disappointed but it could have been  a lot worse.

Happy Running! Do you have a bucket list race? Ever miss a race due to transportation problems?




11 thoughts on “Adirondack Distance Run DNS

  1. Boy, that sucks. We have been stuck overnight in a variety of “lovely” cities over the years – thankfully never in an airport.

    And then there was the job interview where they lost my luggage & I was in a baby pink sweater & chords . . . I did get the job.


  2. So sorry you missed a race that you love. Hopefully you won’t have travel issues arise again to prevent you from racing. We have always made it to races, but I had to opt out of the blueberry festival 5k this past weekend due to my calf. Hated to miss, but had fun cheering for my friends.


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