Boating + Running Weekend

Yes, I had a THREE day weekend.

For Friday, I sent my hubby up to the lake and I stayed home.

It was a beautiful day but I knew I needed some alone time to get things done so I could fully enjoy the weekend.

So I did a lot of tree trimming and weeding, grocery shopping, laundry and of course, even squeezed in a scenic run.


On Saturday morning, I drove up to the lake with my friend Cheryl in the RAIN.
Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate for July 4th. But, it never really rained so I consider myself lucky.
We hung out on one of the islands, lit a camp fire and ate, drank and laughed.  They were about 15 of us and we had a great time despite the clouds and chilly temps.

never thought Id be wearing jeans a sweatshirt on the 4th of July – crazy weather.


the first course, steak came next

Then we went back to the marina and ate some more, sang and danced to oldies music while waiting for the fireworks to begin.

and we ate a lot of Ben & Jerry’s


the fireworks didn’t disappoint and the rain held off

The next day I woke up to fog which would burn off.


I ate my breakfast and set off on a run.


I saved the donut for after

 I decided to take a new route…up to the golf course.
However, it was so steep that I could barely walk up the hills.
At the halfway point, I turned around.  Boy was the way down fun!!
Then, I continued my run where I normally go…the Sagamore Hotel grounds.

this yoga class looked fun



 And then headed back to the marina.
It was a very slow run with lots of walking and interruptions but thoroughly enjoyable.
By the time I got back, everyone was ready to head out on the lake.  We decided to not go to an island but just tie our boats together in the bay. I think we had about 8 boats tied together.
People moved back and forth but often congregated on one boat.
The water was cold (by my standards) but there were plenty of things to do.
Sadly, the day had to end and we put our boats away.  We then headed out to a local restaurant  for dinner and to watch USA beat Japan!!
I’m linking this post up with Tara at Running n’ Reading for her Weekend Update!
Happy Running! How was your weekend?

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