GuestInstagrammer & SkirtSports

As an Ambassador Captain for SkirtSports, I was asked to be a GuestInstagrammer for July 14 as part of their July Challenge.

I was a little intimidated but it was actually fun and it motivated me to be active ALL day!


  • I started my day in my SkirtSports Ambassador tank


  • Then I went for a before work run in a Gym Girl Ultra skirt


  • Unfortunately, I had to do to work but I did wear a SkirtSports bra


  • I was able to sneak out for an afternoon break with Starbucks and a walk in the park in my Eclipse top

ig starbux IMG_6207

  • After work, I played tennis in another Eclipse top


  • And after tennis, we all went out for dinner & drinks (I wore a SkirtSports headband.)

ig headband

  • After long, active day, I read & watched TV in another Ambassador tank.


I love all the SkirtSports clothes that I have.  They are super comfortable and stylish.

I would wear them even if I weren’t an Ambassador.

And wait until you see the new fall colors:

new SS

I can’t wait!! .

If you want to buy any SkirtSports items, please use this code SSMFK20 to get 20% off the regular price.

Happy Running! Do you wear SkirtSports?




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