Perfect Day in the Big Apple

I love New York City so much that I decided to take the day off from work and I talked some friends into taking the Megabus down with me.

The day was perfect because it combined most of my favorites things (besides running): boating, eating, walking, nature.

After a quick snack, we took a long leisurely walk to Pier 81 to take a boat ride on the North River Lobster Company.


It was a 45 minute ride on the Hudson River while you drink or dine.


It was a very very warm, humid day but while the boat was moving, there was a nice breeze. It was very relaxing.


The food was great.  I had lobster tacos & chocolate mousse cake. Both were delish.


But if you wanted, you could just take the ride and then stay on the boat as long as you wanted. Maybe because it was so hot or a weekday, but we had practically the whole boat to ourselves.


yes, they are sisters (Eileen, Susie & MaryPat). I taught with Eileen for 20 years and Mary Pat has been my tennis, running, travel buddy for the last 12 years.

After the boat ride, we decided to walk on the High Line (My friends had never been). We entered at the uptown end and walked, rested in the shade,then  walked until the other end.


you can see the original rail tracks


This is my 3rd time but first time in the summer – the flowers were beautiful


lots of place to sit down


an interactive display of white legos

We ended out walk at Chelsea Market where we strolled and had a cold drink.


There are a lot of interesting sights and plenty of cool places to eat inside.


Since it was so hot and Susie’s feet were blistered from wearing new shoes, we hopped on a subway to Macy’s.


My friends bought shoes and believe it or not, I did not.

Then we ate dinner at a nearby diner and ended our day with a train ride home.


weird to be leaving to go home in the day light.

Can’t wait to go back.  And although there was no running, according to Mary Pat’s FitBit, we walked almost 8 miles!!

Now I have to figure a way to go back and run!!

Happy Running!  Have you been to NYC?  What is your favorite thing to do there?



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