Sometimes you need a change of scenery

After my race yesterday, I really didn’t feel like running anymore.

But I knew I should since I wasn’t going boating and the graduation party that I was going to wasn’t until 3 pm.

So I decided to go to a new running location – Saratoga Spa State Park.

I have raced there but never have run there and never paid attention to where I was running during the races.

I drove to the park (which was the next exit south from the race) and just parked in the first lot that I found.

I wan’t sure where to go so I just started running. I wanted to find a path that would give me 4 more miles.



Saratoga spring water, what else?



a view of the springs from a dirt path


at the end of the trail


bridge over the highway

I found some interesting sights but only covered a mile and never found the path that I was looking for.  Then I bumped into 2 runners who were looking for the same thing.  We went in the opposite direction and found it.







Most of the path was shady and I got to see some beautiful gardens.  And it made a perfect 3 mile loop back to my car.

I can’t say that it was a good run since my legs were tired from the 5K.  I did walk a lot but I got the miles in and that was the plan.

I’m glad that I decided to run in a new place.  I hope to run here again.

Happy Running! Do you run in the same locations or do you look for new routes?


9 thoughts on “Sometimes you need a change of scenery

  1. Did you take that first picture? I’m a little confused (even though I live here), but except for the first picture I think you’re at SPAC and Saratoga Spa State Park, which is different than Saratoga National Historical Park, which is in Stillwater. SPAC is where I do the majority of my runs. I love your pictures! I always mean to take some of the gardens but usually forget unless I’m doing a trail run, which isn’t very often.


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