Wednesday Word: Friendship

Deb Runs

Every Wednesday, the Deb from Deb Runs will be providing a word about which to blog. Kind of like a nice little blog prompt. Posts can be fitness or health related, but don’t have to be, so really anyone can play along. Just be sure to link up with InLinkz on Deb’s main post, and share the love by reading and commenting on other’s participant’s posts.

This week’s Word is FRIENDSHIP

Besides family, there’s nothing more important than friends. They are there when times get tough. They support your interests and keep you company. You could ask them for a favor because you know they would never refuse. You can’t imagine life without them.

I feel very fortunate to have a lot of good friends.

I am still in contact with a few friends from high school and college.  It is great to connect with them and reminisce (about the good old days.) I have also made a bunch of GREAT friends as an older adult from the activities that I do…tennis, boating, quilting, mah jongg, running, etc.  And I also have several from work (all 3 of my careers.) All of these people are precious to me.

me, Linda, Don, Sue, Joyce & Nancy 20 years later

still friends after all these years (45 to be exact)…wish I would see them more often


good friends from college…we spent our junior year in France together and when we get together it’s like 1974 again


Molly, whom I taught with for 20 years. We go to the track each summer…this being our our 31st year??


I taught with Eileen as well…she goes with me to NYC often and is a fellow Lez Miz fanatic


my dear friend and former French teacher, Michele


also 2 friends from my early teaching days


Cheryl was my colleague at my 2nd job- she likes boating, movies & yoga


Sherrie, from my current job, motivates me to walk more

the whole group minus 2

I play mah jongg with these ladies every Friday and we do other things together, as well


my tennis friends are more than for playing tennis. We travel, eat out, knit and do many more things together.

we always take a picture outside this restaurant each year


some great boating friends


and those wonderful marina buddies who make my summer weekends the best


Judy, on the right is my closest friend. We went to college together and still get together almost weekly to chat. She is the most caring person you could meet.


I know I may have left some people out (Sorry) …. but this post is getting lengthy.

Since this is a running blog, I should mention those runners that I also consider to be my friends…

Camp Chingachgook - August

I met Judy through Facebook. We now run some races together and even weekly training runs


I met AJH in 2010 through her blog. Since then, even though she lives in VT, I think we have run at least one race a year together.


I met Mary at a race in 2010 and we have been friends ever since. Unfortunately, she moved to CA but luckily I have still gotten to see her each year.

You may have noticed that most of friends do not run. There are just a few overlaps.


MaryPat from tennis actually started me running


Natalie is a mah jongg friend who I inspired to run.

my quilting friend Terry (who I never saw)

Terry is a quilting friend who is also a big distance runner

But all my friends support my running. (They may think I am nuts but don’t say so to my face LOL)

Happy Running! Do you have a lot of friends or just a few close ones? Do you friends share your love of running?



7 thoughts on “Wednesday Word: Friendship

  1. It’s tough when you move around and also when you don’t work. BTW, I am going to run before work tomorrow – Too hot!!


  2. I can echo Judys comment lol I just have a few people I feel close to. I use to have a fun group at church, but then several families moved and it wasn’t as fun anymore. Now I don’t feel like I have time to do a small group, it cuts into my running time. That’s bad, huh?!


  3. I LOVE all the pics of your friends. Your post is a very nice tribute to all of your friends. In my post today, I talked a bit about my husbands by-pass surgery. I get a little bit weepy thinking about all of my friends who helped me out during that tough time. SO grateful for friendships!!


  4. You have a wonderful network of friends Darlene. My group of friends has expanded to include people of all ages now that I am running. It is fun doing weekend runs with my friends with small children and those that are young enough to be my daughter or son.


  5. my friends are my most prized and cherished possessions, too (along with my family). i don’t know what i’d do without such amazing people in my life! glad you have such a great group of friends as well. love to see the pic of you and Mrs. E Riley!


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