Thinking Out Loud Thursday: The Turtle Races

Thursdays are for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

So here’s what I’m thinking…

As you may know, I have been whining about how pathetically slow my runs have been.

It’s hard to believe that someone who runs in the 9s and sometimes under 9 minute pace is currently running at a 12-13 min pace.

Well, I am.

They’re only training runs.

So it’s all good.

But I think my ego needs to get some speed back and for me, the only way is to race.

So I signed up for a race – a 10K this Saturday.

August 29, 2015

I was planning to run 10 slow miles but I guess I’ll try to run 6 fastish miles and crawl for 4 more after.


I have never run this race before but I have run on this course (like 2 weeks ago in the picture above) and have even run a 10k here last year.

#8 Darlene Cardillo

At the time, it was my 10K PR but since then I have run faster twice.


I finished at 57:03 in the Troy Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving which was my last 10K.

I was in a running group at the time and training for that race so I don’t expect to beat that right now. I’ll be happy with anything near 1 hour.

Training for a half marathon in the summer and keeping up any semblance of speed is tough!!!

 Anyone else having the same problems?

Do you ever use a race as a (expensive) speed workout?  

Happy Running! What are you thinking about today?



5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: The Turtle Races

  1. Nope, I don’t race to get speed. Tonight will be my tempo run but overall it will probably be 13 mm or just under. So yeah, you’ll be circling around me again.

    My times this summer, for the most part, have been good for me. Mostly because of running with a group. Always easier in a group.


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