Thinking Out Loud Thursdays – Shoes

Thursdays are for thinking… so I am linking up with Running With Spoons

So here’s what I’m thinking…

Why do I have so many Running Shoes.?????

It’s no secret that I have crappy feet.  No other part of my body hurts – not my calves, not my quads, not my hamstrings, not my knees, not my IT band, etc.  JUST MY FEET.

I have pain on the sides, on the bottom,… I get blisters.  My achilles gets tight.  I have bunions.

I’ll use my feet as an excuse to buy new running shoes often.


Here are my latest pair – Nikes.  The verdict is still out but I think that will probably keep them for short races and short runs.

The reason for the purchase was the blisters and foot pain from Saturday’s race.


These were Mizuno Inspires that I wore for my last half and that I got on sale.

So far, my most comfortable shoes to date are these Hokas.


They are wide and have lots of cushion and so far, my feet don’t hurt when I run in them.


But look at the bottom after 100 miles or so.  The midsole is very worn as well.

Warning.. I will probably buy another pair for my long and recovery runs and half marathon. The Hokas are great for problem feet like mine.

(But they are clunky and I have a hard time getting any speed in them…hence the other pair of running shoes needed.)

These are my most recent purchases.  In the past year, I have run in many different pairs of Mizunos.

Run for the Roc - September

Mizuno Wave Rider 18s – I got these free as a tester


Mizuno Wave Rider 17s – they were cheap and PURPLE

VCM Relay

those same Mizunos Inspires

Asbury Park Half Marathon

Mizuno Wave Ride 18s in a different color

Running down the Bump N Grind Trail in CA

a 3 yr old pair of Mizuno Inspires – didn’t want to get newer ones dirty on the trails


Mizuno Wave Rider 17s (that I got free as a tester)

Then there are some others that I may have gotten on sale and are still in my closet from past years.



Polar Cap 2015

So do I have a problem?

I need to have comfortable shoes. Shoes that look good are a plus. Shoes that match my outfits a even bigger perk.

So true!!

Happy Running! Do you have a lot of pairs of running shoes? What are you thinking about today??



5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursdays – Shoes

  1. Even though I don’t have problem feet, shoes can be linked to my other problems. So right now I rotate between 1 pair of Brooks, 1 pair of Mizunos, 2 pairs of New Balance & 2 pairs of Newtons.

    I was really tempted by a sale on ON, which I’ve wanted to try, but I realized that right now I don’t need more.

    Let’s see: I have black, blue, white, 2 pink & purple. 🙂


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