Ultimate Coffee Date October

I am joining up with CocoDeborah, and Lynda for their ultimate coffee date for the first time.

The Ultimate Coffee Date
I do LOVE coffee especially Starbucks but I was having trouble sleeping so I gave up caffeine and now I drink herbal tea for breakfast.  (Not sure if I sleep any better but it was VERY tough giving up that coffee & I have a lot of teas to use up.)
Over coffee…
I’d tell you that I am having a hard time remembering how to dress for fall.  Summer is so easy…a tank and a skirt.  Now it’s getting chilly out.  What do I wear???
I vow no matter how cold it is to keep wearing skirts …. (until Thanksgiving??)

yes, it was in the 30’s with the windchill

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I may turn into a pumpkin.

Yes, yesterday, I had pumpkin oatmeal with pumpkin spice tea for breakfast.  Mid morning for a snack, I had pumpkin poptarts.  Then for lunch I had a pumpkin bagel and pumpkin yogurt. (For dinner – soup and salad – no pumpkin but I was tempted.) Finally at mah jongg, there was pumpkin yogurt covered pretzels and pumpkin cookies.  Of course, I had to taste them.


Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I’m not worried about my upcoming half marathon itself (RNR Brooklyn) but I am worried about the logistics.

I’m taking the bus to NYC and arrive at 9:15 am.  I rented a room in an apartment thru AirBnP.  It’s my first time doing so but hotels were so expensive.  I can’t check in until 2 pm so I can check my bag in Macys and hang out in the city

OR I can take the subway to Brooklyn and go to the expo and then go to my apt.

I am leaning toward waiting til after 2 pm so I can get rid of my bag before going to the expo.

But my real worry is getting to the start in the morning.  I have to take 3 subways or a bus and one subway. And who knows if they run that early or will be on time.  Well, at least, I’m in corral 10 (in case I’m late.)

And bag check.  It’s not near the corrals but since it’ll be cold before the race & I’ll be sweaty when I’m done, I’ll want to bring extra clothes… and check them… I think.

Plus I’ll have to beg for a late check out…I’m not sure when I’ll be done with the race and I think check out is 11 am…No way I’ll be ready!!

So complicated.

Over coffee…

I’d tell you that I am an overpacker.  It’s ok when you fly or drive but when you have to carry your bag on a bus & subway…

Nope, I am going to pack light!!!!

Just the minimum…my race stuff and not much more.

Hope you enjoyed your morning coffee or tea because by the time you read this, you’ll be having dinner.

Better late than never.

Happy Running! Hope you enjoyed your day!



11 thoughts on “Ultimate Coffee Date October

  1. I am so much like you about worrying about race day logistics. I am already nervous about the NYC Marathon start in Staten Island, but luckily I am going to the race with a running group friend and she will keep me calm and on time! I am not the huge fan of pumpkin that you are, but today in the grocery store (Starbucks inside this one) a barista was sampling the pumpkin spice frappuchino with whipped cream and it was heavenly! You need to try that as an after race treat!


  2. Actually, I am done with dinner! These days it’s not so easy to overpack when you fly, either. The one time we took the train into NYC it was a looooong trek from Penn to our hotel.

    RnR does a great expo (usually, altho Montreal was just ok) so I’d head to the expo but that’s me.

    Good luck figuring out the logistics. We still have to figure out when we’ll need to leave, as there’s really only one main rd, and I like to be there an hr early. And of course it’ll be cold at that hr, even tho it doesn’t start til 8:30 (but I’ll be further north.


    • I have to go to the expo to pick up my bib – it’s a matter of before or after checking in. I’ll be leaving around 5 am – it’ll be chilly.


  3. Good for you to stop drinking Coffee. I don’t think I could ever give it up. I love all things pumpkin too. I had the creamer, English muffin, and a cookie all pumpkin flavored this morning. I am not a big fan of cooler weather. Heck I wore pants the other day on my run. I have already packed shorts and skirts away for the season.


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