Monday Running Update

spring 2015 monday
Last Week: 

  • Monday– I squeezed to in a walk at work and then after work, went to my 2nd Troy Turkey Trot training group run. (I had skipped Saturday.)  It felt tougher this week than last. Holly was too fast to catch so I ran by myself. I had to walk many times on the hills of Prospect Park.



  • Tuesday – Just a work day, my lunchtime walk was rained out and no tennis this week. Had to get my steps in by grocery shopping.
  • Wednesday – I squeezed in a short run on the treadmill at work.  (It was pouring out so I couldn’t run outside.) I wasn’t sure if I would make it to the STEM group run/walk on time after work.  It’s a Couch to 5k program for survivors of domestic violence. But I could have since this new group is closer. It stopped raining 🙂 And actually, this fall, I am just running with one lady, Kelly, and her basement got flooded so she cancelled at the last minute.  Since I was already dressed, I ran 2.5 more miles. After that run, I went out to dinner with my tennis friends.

2 miles of torture


2.5 miles near work


great dinner & great company

  • Thursday – A busy work day but managed a walk around campus at lunch and then a run after work with Judy.

feeling like Fall

stopped at Trader Joe’s on the way home …pumpkin pumpkin everywhere you look

  • Friday – Another work day, with a lunch time walk and a few games of mah jongg in the evening (and I won twice!!)
  • Saturday – Started the day with a cold & windy 5k and then drove to run 6 more for my last long run before the half.

not a PR but No Walking for a 28:01 finish and 2nd in my AG

still chilly & cloudy at the Mohawk Towpath Byway

  • Sunday – Today 12 of us went to NYC.  We took the bus down, walked the High Line and then had lunch in Chelsea.  After lunch we went to see the show Beautiful (Carole King story) on Broadway.  Afterwards, we had dinner and took the train home – long but fun day (8 miles of walking!)

19 miles for the week with only 3 rest days and 4 days of running. Half Marathon is one week away!!! Time to get nervous!

This Week:  (Week #11 of HM training)

  • Monday-  3 mile run (with the Turkey Trot Training group), mall walk with my BFF
  • Tuesday – tennis
  • Wednesday – 3 mile run before work, volunteer walk/run with STEM group
  • Thursday –  rest
  • Friday – rest, bus to NYC, subway to Brooklyn, expo, etc.
  • Saturday – 13.1 miles!! recovery walk around NYC, bus home
  • Sunday rest, last day of boating or spectating the local marathon??
I am linking up for the Weekly Wrap hosted by Holly @ HoHoRuns and Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlin.   See rules here.

Happy Running! How is your running going?  Any races ?



6 thoughts on “Monday Running Update

  1. Congrats on your AG award & your mah jong win! I don’t think you really want a PR the week before your half (although of course it’s always nice).

    My forecast keeps changing & not for the better but I still remain optimistic. It usually gets better. One thing’s pretty certain: the start is going to be cooooold!


    • Mine too …first it was sunny and now it’s heavy rain for Friday afternoon and cloudy & windy for Sat. I am hoping that the rain stays on Friday but who knows? I can’t control it.


      • Oh, exactly what I was thinking about as I was walking the dogs — that we can’t control it. But it sure makes packing hard!

        I’d love to pack everything up now, but I’m still waiting til we get closer to see what the weather *might* be.


  2. Awesome on your AG placing. I too placed 2nd in my 5k. I did just the opposite of you I had 9 on the “schedule I don’t follow to a T” but got in 4 before the race. I was afraid I couldn’t do it afterwards but I believe I could have…. well if I hadn’t ate that chess square maybe I could have! Thanks Darlene for your continued support!


  3. Your day trip to NYC sounds like so much fun! There no need to be nervous Darlene. You have had a lot of great long runs leading up to this half and you are ready! Enjoy every minute. And, congrats on the 2nd place in the 5k. I appreciate you linking up with us today!


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