Thinking Out Loud Thursday; Backache, Yoga, Racecations and More…


thinking out loud

So I’m linking up today with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

Here’s what I’m thinking today…

  • My Achy Back

My lower back aches frequently.  Especially when sitting a long time (in cars, buses, movie seats, etc.) I sit all day at my job but I can get up and move around.

The only time, it hurt when I’ve run is during my last half marathon and it hurt during the last 4 miles…so much that I thought about DNFing.

It felt ok during my 15K on Sunday but then it started aching at night.

I wondered whether or not I was injured and should I scale back my running?

I didn’t. I ran on Monday and then again yesterday.  And I didn’t feel any worse … it still felt off and achy.

  • Yoga

I actually love yoga.  I suck at it.  I have zero flexibility but I feel good after I take a yoga class.

my best pose – this home thing last 2 days, I think

Yes, I know you don’t have to pay money to do yoga but I have zero motivation to do things at home.

that’s me and Lisa (up front)

I used to go to a class every Wednesday.  I loved my instructor Lisa and I am picky about yoga teachers.  I need someone who understands that everyone is not at the same level and offers different ways of doing each move.

Well, Lisa got Lyme disease and then she got a job somewhere else.  So I stopped going.

A year ago, I went again and I liked Maria, the new instructor but I just couldn’t get myself to go.

Yesterday, I had the day off.  I had run, done all my errands. I had no excuses… so I went to yoga class. (I even bought a 5 card pass to motivate myself to go back.)

When Maria started the class, she announced that the focus of the class was the LOWER BACK and to strengthen those muscles.

Whoa! Does she have ESP or what?

And believe it or not, last night my back felt GREAT! That achy feeling was gone. Amazing!

So I am not injured!!! 🙂

  • Day Off

We have had a great Fall.  Lots of warm weather and sunshine.  Unfortunately, I am lazy about about getting up early and I work so I have had to run after work …in the dark.

IMG_7370I was excited to have had a day off to run during the day.

But it was cloudy and drizzly all day.


So dreary, it felt like evening.  DARN!

  • Racecation

With THREE weeks until my racecation, I finally started planning. Here’s how things stand:

  • Arrive Friday in West Palm, take shuttle to expo and pick up bib.
  • My friend F. will meet me there and we’ll drive back to her place in Delray
  • Spend Friday & Saturday in Delray
  • Meet my friend M. for dinner Saturday and she’ll drive me to my hotel in West Palm
  • Half Marathon Sunday!!!! 6:30 am.
  • My friend G. will meet me at the race or hotel and we’ll drive to her place in Jupiter
  • Sunday & Monday in Jupiter
  • G. will drive me to the airport in West Palm on Monday

I’m hoping for an early snowstorm so I will be stranded in Florida for an extra day…much too short a vacation!!

  • Half Marathon

eau palm beach

Speaking of my next half, I haven’t figured out a training schedule yet.  But I think it maybe too late now.

I ran 13.1 miles on October 10 so I guess I thought that would hold me over until Dec. 6. But all of a sudden it’s almost taper time and I don’t have a plan.

I did run 9.4 miles on Sunday.  What’s next?

The usual 2-3 easy runs on weekdays.

Nov 14 – 11 miles
Nov 21 – 5k race + 9 miles
Nov 28 – 8 miles (or 5k race + 5 miles)

So now I have a plan.

  • Races

This memory from 5 years ago popped up on my FB page.

lst in AG

I ran a 5K race on Veteran’s Day.  It was my FIRST age group award.

My friend Holly tried to talk me into running a 5K yesterday.  I said “Maybe.”

Thank God when I woke up, it was raining and I changed my mind.


Of course, then I looked at the results and I would have won an AG award.

Does anyone else do that?  Check the AG awards on races that you didn’t run to see if you would have won??

  • That Red Cup

I love Starbucks.  Does anyone care that the cup isn’t Christmasy enough?


I did like the fall one better …


but who cares. Really?

There’s isn’t a Chanukah cup, is there?

this was a hoax in 2008

  • Age?

I feel a little narcissistic with yesterday’s post.  I didn’t expect readers to compliment me on how I didn’t look my age.  But thanks.  Much appreciated.

The goal was to show younger runners that age is just a number and it shouldn’t define what you are able to do.

Happy Running! What are you thinking about today?



11 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday; Backache, Yoga, Racecations and More…

  1. I have a hannukah mug my parents gave me. I never use it yet I haven’t decluttered it . . . yet.

    Glad your back is better. Yoga is really good for that.

    Do NOT wish snow on me. Although then my husband could gloat that doing Rehoboth Beach would have been a very bad idea.

    I wish I could go to a movie, let alone travel!


  2. I think that is great that the Yoga class made your lower back feel better. I have struggled with a weak lower back, so maybe I should be more consistent with my Yoga class attendance! I also could care less about the Starbucks cup, but I did really like the fall one too and was looking forward to a fun Christmas design. I think people like to complain about everything!


  3. I’ll admit that I find the Starbucks cups a little unimpressive this year, but I don’t understand all the controversy surrounding them. People are nuts. And stretching is so, SO amazing for random aches and pains. I get achey when I’m not active enough, but stretching takes care of that 9 times out of 10.


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