Running & NYC Weekend

I didn’t run in NYC.

I ran at home.

On Saturday, I was scheduled for a 11 mile run.  (Only 3 weeks until my half, Gulp!)

My friend Judy agreed to accompany me. But she wasn’t going to run for that far.

So I arrived early in order to run 5 miles before she got there. It was our first cold day.  In addition to being cold, it was windy and sleeting off and on. (I bet Judy wished that I had picked Sunday for my long run.)


this is roughly the rail trail. I have never run to Voorheesville since it doesn’t connect directly.  The yellow line is the newly paved portion.   The total distance from Albany to Voorheesville is supposed to be 9 miles.

Unfortunately, they are doing construction on the bridge between to paved and unpaved portion of the rail trail.


So I had to park in town and run to the trail (. 5 miles) to enter it and then head north.  This is the unpaved part of the trail (It’s supposed to be paved next spring.)

Part of the trail is just covered with leaves from the trees.


Other parts are gravel-covered in preparation for paving.


I ran up to the park and then turned around and ran back to my car. (That gave me 5 miles total.)image

I really felt done after the 5 miles. (especially since I started out late waiting for the sleet to stop and had to sprint in order to get back on time.) Good thing Judy was there to drag me out for 6 more miles.

She agreed to run the rail trail going south (the paved portion) since she had never been on it before

Unfortunately, the leaves are all off the trees but it was still pretty.



that’s Judy running on the bridge


and under these 2 bridges

We ran to the end of the trail which was 3 miles away and then headed back.

Unfortunately, it’s downhill on the way out and uphill (when you are more tired) on the way back. But we made it.


I really appreciate Judy running with me on this nasty weather day. It is more enjoyable to have someone to share long runs.

Then on Sunday, my hubby and I got up at the crack of dawn to take the Megabus to NYC.

Yes, I persuaded my hubby to go my favorite place.  This was the bribe:

on Broadway for the first time

He loves watching Irish dancing. Riverdance is his favorite show.  But he loves this one too. Unfortunately, I found out after I bought the tickets that Michael Flatley only appears in it after the night performances.

Fortunately, the weather was much nicer than the day before. It was sunny & in the 50’s.

We followed the same plan as when I went with my tennis ladies.


at the beginning of the High line (along the Hudson R.)

We walked the whole High Line (from beginning to end).  My hubby had never been.  I think he enjoyed it (but probably not as much as I do.)


trees planted among the rails


I loved the bridge between the buildings


nearing the end

My hubby is a speed walker and we had extra time before lunch so we walked through Chelsea Market.



Then we stopped for lunch in a small Italian restaurant.

we shared an eggplant appetizer & then I had gnocchi as my main course – YUM!!

After lunch, we walked to 42nd street (from 14th St.) to the theater. (The reason for our trip to NYC.)


Flatiron building – one of my favs


I like this building too

On the way, we stopped at Lord N Taylor to see their Holiday Windows and Bryant Park.



We also a little time to visit a photography exhibit at the NYC Library.


awesome building …need to spend more time there next time


we had 4th row seats!!! WooHoo!

The show was fantastic (even without Michael Flatley.)

After the show, on the way back to the train station, we stopped for a drink at a rooftop bar.


this was our view


we were actually crashing a private event but we didn’t know it LOL


Penn. Station #prayforparis

A long day in NYC (and 10 miles walked) but so worth it.

I am linking this post to Erika @ MCM Mama Runs, Marcia @ Marcia’s Healthy Slice and Patty @ My no-guilt life who host Tuesdays on the Run.

Happy Running! Do anything fun this past weekend?




12 thoughts on “Running & NYC Weekend

  1. I wish we had a rail trail around here! I would LOVE that. Running with a friend (Judy) has got to be so nice, especially when the weather isn’t the best. Your day in NYC with the hubs looks fabulous. My two trips were around Thanksgiving and I enjoyed seeing the holiday lights.


  2. I love that you were party crashing lol That is a great pic of you and the hubs 🙂
    I am awed by all the lights. I do love decorations!
    Your weekend looks really fun!
    Love the trail, I have told you so many times I have serious trail envy 🙂 I love seeing your scenery.


  3. What a fun trip and the decorations for Christmas look so pretty. I would love to make another trip to NYC so I could see all the holiday windows, trees and do some shopping. I love your jacket too!


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