‘Tis the Season

Yes, 5 days off from work in a row… To me that’s a vacation or in this case a “staycation.”

Here are the highlights:

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. (This is important because I don’t cook often.)


and some squash/leek soup


pumpkin pie

I ran a 10k and a 5K race.





My house is decorated.

I don’t go all out but it still takes time… a small fake tree & a menorah plus snowmen everywhere!!


I even made and wrote out my holiday cards.  I always make a photo collage card.


this isn’t it but I made one that is similar

I finally got to the movies.  I love going to the movies but really don’t go until winter when there’s nothing else to do.

It was good…Next on my list is Brooklyn, Room, the Danish Girl

I did some online shopping for my hubby and together we went shopping for a joint anniversary gift.

We’ve had a hot tub on our decks for years but it died. Of course, it hasn’t worked since I started running. My hubby really wanted it. So I said yes. I do have 2 race-cations planned for Florida. I can’t be greedy.

Speaking of the winter holidays…

Winter weather is back.  Just on Friday, the temperature was in the 60’s and this morning, it was in the 20’s!!! Brrrr!

I haven’t really run since Thursday (except a slow 1 miler on Friday) and I wanted to get in one more longish run before my half marathon next Sunday.

I waited until it warmed up to the 30’s but the sun made it feel even warmer. I ran on the street parallel to the rail trail and ventured off to some other trails.


a path leading to the rail trail


a path going under the rail trail



on the other side


enjoying some sunshine

After 2 miles, I went back to my car where Judy was waiting.  She  was nice enough to oblige and join me for the next 6 miles.

We did the same route as the last time – 3 miles out on the rail trail and then 3 miles back.




Although it was cold, the sun made it very pleasant. Our pace was actually the same as last time. So 8 easy milesmy last long run is done!!

Thanks Judy for the company!!

lightsinthe park

Then in the evening, I took my mentee, Amanda and her 2 sons to see the Capital Lights in the Park.  We go every year. It’s mostly the same but the kids still enjoy it. We have dinner before & hot chocolate after. They get balloon animals and their faces painted.





Richard is almost 9 & Matthew is 4

Now I need to go back to work to relax. LOL

Happy Running!  Has winter arrived where you run?  Have you started your holiday shopping?





8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

    • I would but it looks like rain most of the week 😦

      Definitely when I get back. The forecast in Fla is rain all 4 days that I will be there. But at least it’ll be warm.


  1. Rain has arrived here! it is supposed to rain until Wednesday …ugh. I hope not non-stop! I love the holiday light shows 🙂
    A hot tub will be great for recovery 🙂


  2. Wow, you had a really busy 5 days including races, movies, and cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I’m kind of sad I did not cook this year because we love leftovers. I am very jealous of your colder weather. While it was pleasant to run yesterday, I love cold weather at Christmas time.


  3. A hot tub sounds heavenly. Except I’d never want to clean it so it would be crawling with bacteria & therefore I’d never use it.

    I can’t go to the movies right now because I can’t be away from home that long. Unless I go by myself on the weekends & I just spend enough time by myself already & I haven’t wanted to. So we rented instead. I wish they’d get some more current ones!

    My husband was complaining about going back to work. I couldn’t be real sad for him, he got away for a week (and had a few days in Vegas), spent that weekend in Germany, while I just get to stay home & get woken up most nights.


    • You don’t have to clean it if you put the chemicals in every time you use it. It stays clean. We would only empty once a year.

      I won’t complain then about going back to work since I’m going to Fla for 4 days.

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