Friday Five 2.0 – What I Could Do!!

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I have to thank Judy for inspiring me today.

Today’s topic is: Five Things They Said I Couldn’t Do But I Thought I Could

By “THEY” I mean – my hubby, my doctor and/or my friends.

  1. “You just started running. You can’t run a sub-30 minute 5k.”

I am not athletic and never was but I thought I could and I was right. I signed up for a lot of 5k races and finally I could finish in 29:55 that first summer.

wearing shorts and cotton back then and I also didn’t take many pictures  (I did not sub-30 at this race but it was the same year).

2. “You don’t run fast enough to win your age group.”

You don’t have to be fast but you may have to be old.  And more importantly, it depends on who shows up.  But I thought I could win an award and I did…many many times.

my first one! at a 5k in 2008


this was at my SECOND Half in 2011

3. “It’s dangerous. You can’t hike alone.”

“What if you get lost?”  “What if you get hurt?”

I could hike solo and I enjoyed it immensely. The trails I tackle are easy and clearly marked.

And none of those things happened.

Being able to do it by myself gave me more flexibility in choosing times and locations.

4. You’ve only run 5ks. You can’t run a half marathon.

That was my hubby talking.  He was worried about what would happen to me if I tried and failed.

But I thought that I could run 13.1 miles and I did it!!

my first one!!!

5. You’ve had a serious injury. You probably won’t be able to run and definitely not long distances.

My ortho said that and I was devastated but I didn’t believe him.

I had a broken tibia and fibula – 8 screws and a plate (that are still in my ankle).

It was five months before I tried to run.  But there have been over a hundred races since including 21 half marathons.

So yes, I could run after ankle surgery.

my first half after the injury

In other words, I totally agree with Henry Ford:

Image result for ford if i can or i can't

You just have to want to and not be afraid to try.

Everyone has different goals and desires. You need to decide what you want to succeed at and go for it!!!

Happy Running! How have you conquered the naysayers?



16 thoughts on “Friday Five 2.0 – What I Could Do!!

  1. I shudder to think about where I’d be if I’d have listened to all the people who told me I should stop running, I was not an athlete, had no common sense, etc. Truly it’s amazing what we can do if we keep an open mind and give it a try.


  2. I honestly don’t know why I even ask the doctors about “running” every time I find myself sitting in their offices …..because I NEVER listen to them when they say my running days may be nearing an end or that I should consider giving it up. No way! As long as these feet will move …I’ll be running, slower and slower perhaps, but I’ll be running! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration Darlene!


  3. When I left to do Freihofers that very first time, my husband was like “are you sure you can run that far”?.

    I was sure. Heck, I’d been training for it for a year! My first half I had a few more doubts!


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